HyperX Memory


Kingston T1 HyperX Memory

Kingston Technology, the world's leading independent memory manufacturer, has assembled the best memory force, HyperX. The modules offer features such as a unique liquid cooled option for maximum heat dissipation, sleek and aggressive fins designed to achieve maximum thermal performance and the best all-round performance. Kingston® HyperX provides the very best memory technology, engineered for gamers who demand ultimate performance.

SK Gaming Since 1997

SK Gaming, a partner of Kingston Technology, is an international multi-gaming organisation, gathering together not only the top players of each gaming discipline but also nurturing upcoming talent and making them the stars of today.

Today, more than 50 of today's top professional eSports gamers are with SK Gaming and the basis of the clan's success. SK Gaming has grown from an eSport clan into a professional business. The people behind the SK Gaming brand all have one thing in common: they share a huge passion for eSports, the desire to be the best at all times and the will and ambition to work at it every day.