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Planning the right memory configuration requires an understanding of your IT project’s goals. There are three basic choices — you can configure for performance, capacity or power. Let Kingston’s experts guide you. More


Selecting the right memory for your server is as important as using the right memory manufacturer. Kingston server memory is designed to be ultra-reliable and reduce your total cost of ownership. Purchase it by brand or by specification to get exactly what you need.

Which Kingston memory is right for you?


Kingston's system-specific server memory is ideal for customers who use OEM or branded systems. It's designed, manufactured and tested for and guaranteed to be compatible with the system for which it's designed.


Kingston ValueRAM? is for customers who buy memory by industry specification (JEDEC standard) and is ideal for in-house or 'white box' servers.

SSDNow Drives

Kingston's solid-state drives can extend the lifecycle and dramatically improve the performance of your existing systems with higher speeds and more durability and reliability.

Why choose SSDNow E100 for servers?

Kingston's enterprise class E100 solid-state drive is ideal for mission-critical environments such as datacenters, which need to be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. E100 combines impressive endurance and reliability with power fail support to ensure uninterrupted operation.

SSDNow E100


How to get the maximum memory for virtualization or database servers with Kingston server memory

How to maximize a server's performance with Kingston server memory

How to build a low-power server with Kingston SSDs and low-voltage memory

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Resource Center

Knowledge is power — so we’ve designed this Resource Centre to be a powerful tool in your server memory strategy. These resources will help you prioritise your configuration goals. You’ll also learn how the latest platforms, including Romley and Westmere, impact your memory implementations, and how the latest technological developments might affect your server plans.

How do I ideally configure my server to achieve my goals?

How you use memory — and which type you use — requires an understanding of how to balance low power, capacity and performance

How do the latest platforms impact my memory implementations?

Learn about the impact of such platforms as Grantley, Romley, Westmere and Nehalem.

What are the latest technological developments that might affect my server plans?

Learn about LR DIMM, DDR3-1600 and more.

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