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Cost-effective acceleration tier enables dense server consolidation and robust disaster recovery plan

“The PernixData-Kingston solution allowed us to extend the service life of our existing SAN solution by two to three years. It’s been an economical alternative to buying a new array and was easy to install, configure and manage remotely at our international locations.”

Tran Phan
Senior Storage Administrator
Kingston Technology

The Customer

Kingston Technology designs, manufactures and distributes DRAM and Flash products worldwide. Six discrete data centres support the company’s 4,000 employees in the United States and Asia.

The Challenge

Executives directed the IT department to reduce its costs, increase operational efficiencies and boost the security of the company’s worldwide network. This led to the implementation of server consolidation and disaster recovery initiatives. As a result, storage area network (SAN) resources became bogged down. Application latency times ballooned for workloads running anything from database applications to file and print servers to email systems.

“The over-commitment of our SAN led to a lot of incident calls, with people complaining that they couldn’t finish their work or process customer orders.”

Tran Phan
Senior Storage Administrator
Kingston Technology

The Solution

Kingston IT managers deployed Kingston SSDs with PernixData FVP software to speed up their virtual environment. The Kingston SSDs were chosen because of their innovative data integrity protection, advanced wear-levelling and intelligent power failure protection. Kingston chose PernixData FVP because of its ease of deployment, support for virtualisation operations and fault-tolerant write acceleration.

Installation and configuration in 30 minutes

Remotely installed solution at Asian manufacturing plant from Kingston HQ in Fountain Valley, California. Once the SSDs and software were installed and configured, all the Kingston specialists needed to do was set the acceleration policy for their VMs.

Seamless integration

The PernixData FVP software was deployed in the hypervisor. Consequently, no changes to Kingston’s VMs or primary storage systems were required nor any reboots to their hosts.

Read and write acceleration

PernixData FVP clustered the Kingston SSDs into a low-latency data tier to speed up reads and write, ensuring all VMs would benefit from the solution.

We went with PernixData because the application operates at the host extension level, it doesn’t require a virtual appliance to manage the software, and it’s certified for interoperability with Kingston SSDs.”

Tran Phan
Senior Storage Administrator
Kingston Technology

The Results

After implementing the combined PernixData-Kingston server-side flash solution, Kingston managers realised a number of benefits. These include:

  • Implementation of cost-saving server consolidation project along with the virtualisation of production environment.

  • Reduced application latency which:

    • Boosted employee productivity.

    • Eliminated customer-order-processing delays.

    • Silenced angry user help-desk calls.

  • Stronger disaster-recovery solution lowered risk to business, ensuring Kingston would continue to operate in a “worst-case” scenario.

  • Extended service life of existing SAN by “two to three years” at 50 per cent less cost than alternative.

“By leveraging the PernixData-Kingston cache solution to accelerate our SAN workloads, we reduced our CPU utilisation by 35 per cent and lowered our disk array utilisation by 45 per cent. We now have a cost-effective SAN upgrade solution for our sites along with a very fast time to implement.”

Tran Phan
Senior Storage Administrator
Kingston Technology

  • Significantly improved SAN performance

    • Slashed latency by 83 per cent, from 30ms to 5ms

    • Lowered storage CPU utilisation by 35 per cent

    • Cut legacy disk array utilisation by 45 per cent

  • Dramatically improved storage management

    • Can install and configure storage acceleration solution in 30 minutes.

    • Remote administration from HQ frees on-site IT staff to work on other projects.

“As other sites outgrow their storage platforms, we have a template to quickly and easily deploy the same solution at their locations. The ability to administer the solution remotely helps me reduce the workload of local admins who wear enough hats as it is.”

Tran Phan
Senior Storage Administrator
Kingston Technology

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