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Server Enhancements Deliver Competitive Advantage to Managed Hosting Provider

“Offering our clients servers adapted to their needs is a fundamental reason that we’ve experienced double-digit growth. The Kingston memory, SSDs and consultation services have been an essential part of that success.”

Stijn Koster,

The Customer is a managed hosting provider based in the Netherlands. The company provides hosted server solutions to 30,000 business and gaming clients around the world.’s infrastructure includes 8,000 servers at 16 datacentres across four continents.

The Challenge

Every year, customer server requirements increase. To save costs, businesses want their servers to run more virtual systems. And because these systems support corporate production environments, they need to be highly available as well as deliver high IOPS. The company’s gaming customers want servers that can run the latest games without any noticeable lag. To help their customers meet these goals, managers decided to upgrade their existing servers as well as to optimise the performance of new servers with reliable memory and solid-state drive solutions (SSD.)

The Solution
Maximizing server memory performance for gaming customers

Maximising server memory performance for gaming technicians worked with Kingston consultants to boost the memory performance of their gaming servers. They installed high-density DRAM modules that best matched each server’s chipset and memory requirements. This approach satisfied memory performance needs while leaving memory slots available for future expansions.

Maximising server performance for enterprise customers

To meet the needs of corporate customers, Kingston consultants recommended two solutions.

  • Kingston high-capacity DRAM modules. Specialists installed Kingston’s highest-capacity Kingston DRAM modules to enable the maximum number of virtual server instances per machine.

  • Kingston SSDs. Specialists replaced slower server hard disk drives (HDDs) with faster SSDs to increase the IOPS each server could deliver. This addressed the need of corporate clients to run high-transaction applications like databases and ecommerce packages.

The Results

After implementing the Kingston memory and SSD solutions, managers realised a number of benefits. These include:

The higher server performance provides a competitive advantage for salespeople to sign up more customers. The Kingston high-capacity DRAM modules:
  • Meet current capacity requirements while leaving room to add more memory when customers need it.

  • Doubled the number of instances that gaming servers can run.

  • The Kingston SSD solution significantly increased the number of virtual systems that corporate servers can run.

Easily meet 99.99 per cent Service Level Agreement (SLA) specification to help to get–and keep–customers.
  • Since standardising on Kingston memory modules, the reliability of server DRAM has increased by 50 per cent.
    - Significant reduction in the labour hours previously devoted to return merchandise authorisations (RMAs.)

  • The Kingston enterprise-class SSDs are durable. They deliver 30,000 program/erase cycles–up to 10 times those of competing solutions.

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