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Memory for Hewlett-Packard Computers

Reliable memory for HP Desktop and Notebook systems.

Hewlett-Packard Memory Upgrades

Does booting up or launching applications take forever on your old HP system?

If so, you may not have enough memory. Memory is an important component of your computer, and vital for your system to operate properly.

A Kingston® memory upgrade can improve not only your performance but also your computer’s lifespan.

Upgrading is easy, too, because Kingston memory modules are designed to meet the exact specifications of your Pavilion, Presario, ProLiant, and other HP devices.

Kingston DRAM Manufacturing Tour

Take a virtual tour of Kingston's manufacturing floor to see how DRAM memory modules are made.

Why Choose Kingston?

Guaranteed Compatibility

To ensure your peace of mind, Kingston memory is guaranteed to be compatible with the HP system for which it’s designed.

Lifetime Warranty

All Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and the legendary reliability that makes Kingston the world’s independent memory leader.

Free Technical Support

Get your questions answered by Kingston’s Technical Support Team

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Easy upgrades for your system

How to install memory in your HP desktop

Step-by-step instuctions makes installation quick and easy.

How to install memory in your HP notebook

Improve your notebook's performance in minutes.

How to install an SSD in your HP desktop

It's easy to install reliable Kingston solid-state drives.

How to install an SSD in your HP notebook

Revive your HP notebook with a reliable Kingston SSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will additional memory speed up my system?

How do I find out how much memory is installed in my system?

Will adding memory improve Web browsing?

How do I install memory into my computer?

What is ESD?

Will a faster memory of the same type run at a slower speed, i.e., 400Mhz DDR in a 333Mhz DDR system?

What is the difference between the part numbers that are in dual or triple channel kits and the parts that sold individually?

What is the difference between Kingston ValueRam and Kingston brand specific memory?

Will Kingston ValueRam (KVR) work in my brand name computer?

Will a part made for one brand name computer work in a another brand name computer if they have the same specifications (i.e. A Dell specific part in a HP computer)?

Solid-State Drives

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