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DataTraveler Micro 3.1 USB Flash Drive | Kingston
HyperX Savage USB Drive
DataTraveler 100G3 — an affordable USB 3.0 drive
DataTraveler Locker+ G3 with hardware encryption to protect data
Type-C USB | Kingston DataTraveler microDuo 3C
Capless Flash drive | Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0
USB OTG DataTraveler microDuo | Kingston
DataTraveler R3.0 G2
Expanded Storage for Android & PCs | DataTraveler MicroDuo
Kingston DataTraveler G4 USB Flash Drive
DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 3 (G3)
Choose Kingston's USB 3.0 Flash Drives for higher speed data transfers
DataTraveler Micro
What defines you? Kingston DataTraveler USB Drives
256GB Flash drive, USB 3.0 speeds - HyperX DTHX30
1TB Flash drive, USB 3.0 speeds - DataTraveler HyperX Predator DTHXP30
DataTraveler GE9 Gold-Plated USB Flash drive
MicroSD Mobility Kit lets microSD cards work in SD slots, USB ports
Award-Winning Portable Storage Design | Kingston DataTraveler SE9
Kingston Flash Customization Program