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Press Release 2011


Kingston Technology Revenues Climb to Record $6.5 Billion in 2010 - (14 March)


Kingston´s smallest USB Flash Drive DataTraveler Micro - (13 December)
Improving USB Security – Best Practices for Portable Data Security by Kingston Technology - (5 December)
UK lags behind Europe in USB drive data security - (24 November)
Kingston Digital Launches its Fastest USB Flash Drive - (17 November)
Kingston Digital Targets Consumers with Next Generation SSDNow Value Solid-State Drives - (9 November)
New Small and Fashionable Kingston USB Portable Storage - (27 October)
Kingston Digital Transforms USB Flash Drive into Active Storage Device - (25 October)
Kingston Digital Updates Wi-Drive App - (18 October)
Kingston Digital Launches First SandForce-based Business-Equipped Solid State Drive - (4 October)
Kingston Digital Introduces New Ultra-Secure USB Flash Drive to Further Protect Data for Enterprises and Government Organisations - (28 September)
Kingston Expands iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Capabilities with Wireless Flash Based Solution - (15 August)
Kingston Digital Starts Shipping its Fastest SSD! - (2 August)
Kingston Digital Launches USB 3.0 Media Reader - (1 August)
Kingston Digital Solid State Drives Endure where Hard Drives Fail - (15 June)
Kingston Digital Transforms iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Storage Capabilities - (2 June)
Kingston Digital Announces Collaboration with Symantec, EA, PopCap and Maxthon for Future Versions of urDrive - (1 June)
Kingston Digital Adds 32GB Class 10 microSDHC Card - (23 May)
Kingston Digital Launches its Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drive - (18 May)
Kingston Digital Launches Managed Government-Level Secure USB Solution Priced for Enterprises - (19 April)
Kingston Digital Extends the Speedy Class 10 microSDHC Family - (22 March)
Kingston Digital Delivers Fully Managed and Cost-Effective Secure USB Solutions for the Enterprise - (14 February)
Kingston Digital Announces SDHC UHS-I UltimateXX Cards - (17 January)
Kingston Digital Announces USB 3.0 Product Roadmap for 2011 - (5 January)


Kingston Technology Launches Intel XMP-Certified High Performance Memory Kits for Sandy Bridge-E Processors, X79 Express Chipset - (15 November)
Kingston HyperX: Two new world records achieved in memory overclocking - (8 November)
We did it again - Kingston Technology World’s Fastest Memory Breaks TWO World Records! - (29 July)
Kingston Technology HyperX 2133MHz SO-DIMMs Achieve Intel XMP Certification - (16 June)
Kingston Digital Unveils First SandForce-Based SSD - (1 June)
Kingston Technology Launches HyperX Plug and Play High Performance Memory - (26 April)
Kingston Technology Ships HyperX Genesis with New Heatspreader - (7 March)
Kingston Technology Releases Fastest Notebook Memory for New Intel Core Mobile Processor Family Codenamed ‘Huron River’ - (2 March)
Kingston Technology Adds New HyperX T1 Black Triple-Channel Memory Kits - (1 March)
Kingston Technology Launches Special Edition HyperX Modules - (6 January)
Kingston HyperX 2133MHz XMP Certified for Intel Sandy Bridge P67 Platform - (5 January)