Name User Capacity Speed Usage
SDHC Class 4
DataTraveler microDuo
Consumer 8GB–16GB Class 4 speed rating: 4MB/s min. data transfer Point-and-shoot cameras, game consoles and other devices with SDHC support
SDHC Class 10 UHS-I

Consumer 16GB–128GB UHS-I Class 10 speed rating: 10MB/s min. data transfer. Up to 45MB/s read; up to 10MB/s write Full HD video recording and fast transfers
SDHC Class 10 UHS-I

Enthusiast, Professional 16GB–512GB UHS-I Class 10 speed rating: 10MB/s min. data transfer Up to 90MB/s read; up to 45MB/s write Full HD video recording, 3D video, HD still image capture and recording of live/real-time broadcasts
Enthusiast, Professional 32GB–256GB UHS-I Class 3 speed rating
Up to 90MB/s read, up to 80MB/s write
High-performance D-SLR and D-SLM cameras and 4K camcorders. UHS-I Class 3 performance for 4K or 2Kvideo
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