HyperX Genesis

HyperX Genesis

Attention: high-performance speed freak memory module seeks extreme gamer or PC Enthusiast for serious long-term relationship. Not much into long walks on the beach but for high-speed destruction of your enemies and universal domination, I’m your module. I’m even available in DDR3 for higher speeds, lower latencies and lower power consumption than DDR2. I’m extremely reliable and reliably extreme. And I’ll bring your PC’s performance to an entirely new level.


  • Dual channel available
  • Quad channel available
  • Capacities up to 16GB (dual channel), 24GB (triple channel), 64GB (quad channel)
  • DDR3 available in single, dual, triple and quad channel memory kits and speeds up to 2400MHz
  • Compatible with Intel XMP auto-overclocking function (available with selected models)
  • 1.7v–1.95v voltage range for dual channel applications for AMD based systems and Intel chipsets older than X58
  • 1.65v voltage for triple channel Intel Core i7 9xx series applications
  • 1.65v voltage for dual channel Intel Core i5 7xx series and Core i7 8xx series applications



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  • "As far as memory is concerned, we went for a solution that works at high speeds with decent latency. Thus we chose a Kingston DDR3 memory kit working at 2133MHz and 9-11-9 latency. Maybe they are not ..."

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  • "A strong price and some decent overclocking headroom…The new Genesis series looks like a winner to us."

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  • "The Kingston HyperX Genesis 2133MHz kit "suits up" in special edition grey and cranks up the memory speed, enabling your processor to reach its full potential at the highest overclocks…"

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