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HyperX H2O

HyperX H2O

Sometimes you need more than jaw-dropping, extreme performance that has all your friends running home, crying to their mommies. Sometimes you need that performance to extend for huge stretches of time — and reliably. H2O has a unique cooling option that dissipates heat, delivering incredible stability for the long haul. It’s perfect for extreme gamers and creative pros who max out their rig for extensive periods. It’s 100-percent tested and designed to keep your friends jealous for years to come.


  • Capacity — 4GB
  • Frequency speed — 2133MHz
  • 1.5 operating voltage
  • Features a unique, extreme cooling option that uses nickel-plated brass pipes and liquid for maximum heat dissipation
  • Provides long-term stability at extreme speeds
  • Compatible with Intel XMP auto-overclocking function
  • DDR3 only



All Kingston memory modules are backed by a lifetime warranty. Read the full warranty statement


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Kingston HyperX Predator Memory Line Overview
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Awards and Reviews

  • "Coming in at just $89.99 US, the Kingston HyperX Genesis 16GB kit is really well priced…"

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  • "A strong price and some decent overclocking headroom…The new Genesis series looks like a winner to us."

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  • "Kingston Technology has a kit of memory that balances speed, and capacity, while at the same time providing it affordable enough for just about anyone needing a high capacity, and fast memory kit for ..."

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  • "HyperX Genesis’ default speeds are 2400MHz, but we were able to overclock them to 2460MHz which is the highest of any quad channel memory kit we have seen so far."

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  • "They know what they’re doing, and the HyperX Genesis DDR3 2133MHz memory is a prime example of their engineering ability."

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  • "As far as memory is concerned, we went for a solution that works at high speeds with decent latency. Thus we chose a Kingston DDR3 memory kit working at 2133MHz and 9-11-9 latency. Maybe they are not ..."

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General Info

HTS: 8473.30.1140

* Kits: warranty void and returns not accepted if sold or used separately.


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4GB Module(s)

H2O - 8GB Kit* (2x4GB) - DDR3 2133MHz CL11 Intel XMP DIMM

Part Number: KHX2133C11D3W1K2/8GX

Specs: DDR3, 2133MHz, CL11, 1.6V, Unbuffered, Spec Sheet PDF

Profile 1: 2133MHz, 11-12-11, 1.6V
Profile 2: 1600MHz, 9-9-9, 1.5V