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Apple MacBook (DDR3) 13-inch (Unibody Late 2008)

We're sorry, but Kingston no longer offers memory for this system/device.

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System Spec

The DDR3 series of MacBook and MacBook Pro are known as "Aluminum" or "Unibody" MacBooks.

Standard Memory:

2 GB (Removable)

Maximum Memory:

4 GB


2 Socket(s)

CPU / Chipsets:

Bus Architecture:


Bank Schema:

2GB Standard:

Filled Socket Filled Socket

System Part Numbers:

MB466H/A; MB466LL/A; MB466T/A; MB467LL/A; MB467T/A; MC516B/A; MC516C/A; MC516D/A; MC516F/A; MC516FN/A; MC516H/A; MC516K/A; MC516LE/A; MC516LL/A; MC516N/A; MC516PL/A; MC516RS/A; MC516S/A; MC516SM/A; MC516T/A; MC516Y/A

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