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USB 3.0 Media Reader — FCR-HS3

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I updated my Mac to OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and now my FCR-HS3 reader no longer works. How do I resolve this?

Does the FCR-HS3 reader work with SDXC cards?

Windows states the reader is installed properly, but a drive letter (or letters) is not being assigned for the reader. There are mapped network drives on this computer. How do I resolve this?

When I insert the reader into the USB port on my keyboard, monitor, USB hub or in the front of my tower, the unit is either not recognized or I receive an error message. Why?

I previously had the FCR-HS219/1 installed. Will the 19-in-1 icon utility work with the FCR-HS3 reader?

My reader is not working correctly in Windows 8 or Mac OS. How do I resolve this problem?