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DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 — DTVP30

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Frequently Asked Questions

Featured Questions

My DataTraveler is not being detected in Windows. Why?

I formatted my DataTraveler that is 32GB or larger using NTFS and I want to format it back to FAT32. How do I do this?

Kingston driver loads properly. But the drive does not show up in My Computer. If you look at Device Manager, Disk Drives, Kingston properties, under the setting tab, there is no drive letter listed in the appropriate field. Another USB device, such as a printer, works so we know the port is enabled. How do I resolve this?

When I insert the DataTraveler into the USB port on my keyboard, USB Hub or in the front of my tower, the unit is either not recognized or I receive an error message. Why?

When I insert this DataTraveler into my Windows computer, I receive an error stating "(DataTraveler) requires two free drive letters" or "(DataTraveler) could not start." Why?

My Linux distribution doesn't support automount or I have automount disabled for security reasons. How can I access the DTVP?

In Linux, executing the dtvp_login application results in an error message stating "'GLIBC 2.4' not found". How do I resolve this?

This DataTraveler does not launch and I am using hard disk encryption software. Why?

What operating systems support exFAT?

After inserting the DTVP into a Windows XP computer, it did not appear in My Computer, and/or I received an error stating, "DTVault Privacy requires two free drive letters."

When I insert my drive and the security software is launched, I do not get a password prompt. It does work under administrator mode. How do I resolve this?

Can this secure USB flash drive be formatted to work as a standard USB drive or the security be disabled as to not require a password?

More Questions

My DataTraveler is recognized in my MacOS but Windows prompts me to format. Why?

My DataTraveler will not accept a 4GB or larger file. Why?

My USB drive works fine under Windows 7, but when I insert it into a different Operating System System, e.g., Windows XP, it prompts me to reformat the drive. Why?

The full capacity of my DataTraveler or Flash media is not available for storage. Why?

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