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microSDHC Card – Class 4 — SDC4

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There are no downloads or drivers available for this product

Frequently Asked Questions

Featured Questions

How do I format my flash card?

My flash card no longer works in my device or I can no longer view files saved to the card. Can the files on the card be recovered?

Why is my Secure Digital card running slower after I formatted the card with my computer?

*ADVISORY* My microSD card worked in my Android 4.1 or 4.2 device but after a short time, it is no longer accessible and has locked up. How do I resolve this issue?

Are Kingston SD and microSD cards compatible with commercial grade equipment such as security cameras, exercise equipment, etc?

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I purchased a Kingston flash product online for well below market value and the product does not work correctly. I believe the product is counterfeit. What should I do?

My flash card is not seen by my device or shows a card error in the device but it works OK in another device. Why?

Can I boot from this Kingston flash card, set it as a fixed disk or run an OS from it?

My flash card that is above 32GB shows up as not formatted in my device after formatting it in Windows. Why?

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