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MobileLite Wireless G1

MobileLite Wireless G2

    • MobileLite Wireless G1

      • A reader for smartphones and tablets
      • Free up valuable space on your phone or tablet
      • Share data with three users simultaneously via Wi-Fi
      • Emergency charger for your smartphone
      • One-year warranty, free technical support
    • Awards and Reviews
      • "For traveling... a Godsend. A very, very smart buy"

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      • "….a very clever solution to the tricky problem of mobile card reading."

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      • "The MobileLite served all my needs and was a great value……"

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      • "I’m really happy with the experience I’ve had with the Kingston MobileLite…."

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      • "Just simply awesome"
        ~ Douglas
        Great for travels"
        ~R. Paluszak

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      • "For users on-the-go, this is definitely a useful tool…."

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    • Reader

      MobileLite Wireless works as a portable card reader to give you unlimited access to all of your data, anywhere you are.
    • MobileLite Wireless makes it easy to:

      Free up space by downloading photos from your phone’s camera roll to a USB or SD card

      Copy and transfer files between USB Flash drives and SD cards or copy files locally to your mobile device

      Use the MobileLite Wireless app to share photos, files, and movies with up to 3 users simultaneously

      Stay socially connected, even from remote locations. Upload vacation photos from your SD card directly to Facebook and Twitter or to your email

      Stay connected to the Internet while sharing files and photos with friends for up to 5 hours

      Apple iOS Usage Notes

    • Streamer

      MobileLite Wireless is great for travel. It lets you stream up to three movies from Flash cards and USB Flash drives to three different devices at once.


      Use MobileLite Wireless to charge your phone or other device. Stay productive and keep the power flowing without having to plug into a wall outlet.
    • Using MobileLite Wireless

      Setting up/walkthrough

      All you need to know to get started

      Uploading to Social Media

      Share your photos, videos and files via Facebook, Twitter and email

      Adding a password

      Protect your information with WPA wireless security encryption

      Connecting to the Internet

      Create an Internet bridge to access the web, check email and more

      Importing from camera roll

      Wirelessly offload photos and videos from your phone or tablet

      Charging your phone’s battery

      Use MobileLite Wireless as a backup battery for mobile devices

      Copying and pasting files

      Move files from SD cards and Flash drives

      MobileLite Wireless keeps all your data at your fingertips — wherever you go

    • MobileLite Wireless G2

      • Free up valuable space on your smartphone or tablet
      • Share data with eight users simultaneously via Wi-Fi
      • Post and share photos and videos on social media
      • Portable charger for smartphones and tablets
      • Free app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire
      • Two-year warranty, free technical support
    • Awards and Reviews
      • "Multifunction Jackknife...a user will rejoice."

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      • "The best mobile accessory you could ask for."

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      • "Talk about a mobile device’s best friend! I can’t say enough great things about how neat this little devi..."

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      • "It as a must-have for everyone, especially those readers who have one of the older smartphones or tablets..."

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      • "I love this little thing. Came in handy a few times when my iphone 6 needed charging."

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      • "Very clever solution for downloading pictures from a camera to a tablet without USB inputs, such as an iP..."

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        Go on a Road Trip with MobileLite Wireless G2
    • Stream Media

      MobileLite Wireless G2 creates its own Wi-Fi signal and allows you to stream several movies to different devices simultaneously. Post and share photos and videos via Wi-Fi to social media quickly and easily.

      Extend Your Storage

      MobileLite Wireless G2 adds storage while freeing up your smartphone or tablet by letting you offload content to a Flash card or USB Flash drive.
    • Stay Connected

      MobileLite Wireless G2 functions as a portable router with a built-in Ethernet port for broadband Internet on the go. MobileLite Wireless G2 can also bridge to other Wi-Fi Internet connections when direct connect isn’t an option.

      Read Media

      A versatile standard or wireless USB Flash drive and card reader for easy data transfer, MobileLite Wireless G2 supports SD/SDHC/SDXC and microSD/SDHC/SDXC and standard USB drives.

    • Charge Smartphones

      It’s also a charger that lets you charge your smartphone up to 2x from a full battery4. The built-in, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of up to 13 hours of continuous use. See how