Optimal Endpoint Security Explained and Explored in partnership with Matrix42

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Data protection is a baseline requirement for businesses, governments, and individuals in today’s world

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Data breaches, hacking and the human element are continuous reminders of threats and risks worldwide. The costs associated with a data breach and the unfortunate exposures can be astronomical. Requirements of advanced cybersecurity and endpoint DLP strategies for data protection all rely on dependable as well as efficient storage and memory.

Optimal Endpoint Security Solutions

Kingston & Matrix42 have partnered up to show you how the combination of Kingston’s hardware encrypted USB with its customisation options & Matrix42's endpoint software provides the optimal Endpoint security solution.

We look at the industry use cases, their challenges & how we solved them in these sectors:

  • Public Sector

  • Health Care

  • Finance

  • Automotive

  • Telecommunication

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Kingston can offer you an independent opinion and advice on what benefits using encrypted USB will bring to your organisation & which drive is best suited to your business needs.

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