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How Kingston helped lower data center power costs by 60%

The challenge

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Hostmein needed a reliable performance solution for its servers to uphold its best-in-class service offering while remaining competitive. It was looking to upgrade its server’s storage from HDD to full SSD for direct attached storage and for its software-defined storage applications. Another critical aspect was data security as HDD/SSD storage cannot leave the facilities without being physically destroyed, which most of the hardware vendors would not offer as a service if a replacement were required.

The solution

Kingston offered a full technical review process and provided a solution based on its hardware with our Ask an Expert service. Kingston sent proof-of-concept DC500 SSDs to allow Hostmein to test in its own infrastructure. Kingston’s DC500 SSDs were compatible with the Dell and HP Servers that the company is currently operating and are performing well.

By partnering with Kingston, Hostmein was able to provide a cutting-edge and reliable solution to its customers and improve hardware performance. Hostmein reduced its overall server TCO and lowered its data center power cost by 60% by replacing its high-RPM mechanical HDD with Kingston’s DC500 SSD, which helped towards its environmental initiatives. Discover why Hostmein chose Kingston to support its customer SLAs with a reliable, high-performance storage solution.

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