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Is your system as secure as it could be?
Did you know someone, right now, can be snooping through your computer’s files, bank details, even watching you through your webcam and they’ve ensured you won’t know about it? What can you do? More
Top 10 Reasons to Use Kingston Encrypted SSD with TCG OPAL - Infographic
Why do companies need to use Self-Encrypting Drives (SED)? What is TCG Opal 2.0, AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption and what are the benefits for a company, its departments and data protection best practices? More
Kingston Cognate Top 50 Global Experts
Since 1987, Kingston has been known for the highest quality memory and storage products available. We recognise the important role memory and storage play in computing productivity and take the necessary steps to guarantee a reliable product. More
Data Security Twitter chat
Data security is a topic close to our hearts. As an industry leader, we are constantly striving to educate and share our knowledge on a number of technology related subjects and Data Security is a major concern for all. More
Protect business-critical data with self-encrypting drives
Kingston's Encrypted SSD with TCG Opal helps you become GDPR ready More
Infographic: USB drives - An underrated risk for data breaches
USB drives are the faithful companion in professional life. But they come with substantial risks of a data leak. More
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