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USB Alert: Locking Down Your Data
USB drives can turn up anywhere and everywhere, from jacket pockets to parking lots - putting data at risk. How can IT deal with these risks, without completely forbidding USB drive usage and all its convenience? More
Hand in hand - HPC & Kingston
Progress requires a line of products capable of making every step forward sustainable. Therefore, it's no surprise that the evolution of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Kingston® Technology are so closely linked. More
Memories from Kingston technology - secures adventurous expedition on the top of the world.
Robin Trygg is one of Sweden’s most well-known adventurers and he trusted Kingston memory products to support him in documenting two expeditions to Mount Everest. More
Major recent example of an unencrypted USB breach
Heathrow Airport in London (30 October 2017) uses unencrypted USB drives for its non-cloud storage. Unfortunately, it was not standardized on encrypted USB drives. More
From USB’s to cutting edge technology, Kingston is everywhere. More
30 Years of Empowering your Business
Kingston has come a long way in 30 years – from one bright idea in 1987 to being the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. More
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