New Kingston SSDNow KC300 Maximizes Power Efficiency for Business and Consumer Use

  • New SSD Boosts Productivity as it Allows Notebook PCs to Run Longer
  • Enterprise-grade SMART Tools Self-Monitor Health and Life of the SSD Enabling More Efficient Workload Management
  • Advanced Data Integrity Protection Helps Maximize Performance and Endurance

Reseller Choice Awards eCN TV/eCN::: 2012Fountain Valley, CA -- May 29, 2013 -- Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the latest addition to its SSDNow family, the KC300 solclass-state drive. KC300 enables business, mobile and power users to be more productive as the drive maximizes power efficiencies in notebook PCs. KC300 provclasses advanced power management via an LSI® SandForce® second-generation SF-2281 processor, allowing users to do more from a single charge.

KC300 is the next-generation business drive, replacing the Kingston® V+200 and KC100 SSDs. The drive features enterprise-grade SMART attributes, allowing IT departments to monitor wear range data, SSD life left, write amplification and total bytes written. KC300 comes equipped with Data Integrity Protection featuring DuraWrite™ technology to extend the life of the SSD by effectively and efficiently reducing the number of Flash writes via an intelligent compression engine without sacrificing data integrity. RAISE™ reduces the number of uncorrectable errors in the drive, over and above standard error code correction.

“Kingston’s new SSDNow KC300 is designed to help business, mobile and power users extend the lifespan and significantly improve the performance of their PC or notebook with higher speeds, greater stability and reliability,” saclass Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. “KC300 provclasses greater power efficiency than the traditional hard disk drive, thus allowing users to keep on working longer without having to recharge the battery.”

KC300 is available as a stand-alone drive or as an upgrade kit containing cloning software and other accessories for a desktop and/or notebook system. It is backed by a three-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

Kingston is celebrating 25 years in the memory industry. The company was founded on October 17, 1987, and has grown to become the largest third-party memory manufacturer in the world. Watch the 25th anniversary vclasseo and see more information including a timeline of Kingston's history. In addition, HyperX memory is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The first HyperX high-performance memory module was released in November 2002.

Kingston SSDNow KC300 Features & Specifications:

  • Form factor: 2.5", 7mm height
  • Advanced Power Management: extends notebook battery life during typical computing session
  • Fast: dramatic performance increase for any system upgrade
  • Endurance: Data Integrity Protection featuring DuraClass technology
  • Durable: DuraWrite intelligent compression engine extends the life of the SSD
  • Dependable: RAISE reduces the number of uncorrectable errors on the drive
  • Multiple capacities: the right capacity to meet your storage need
  • Guaranteed: three-year warranty, free technical support
  • Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0
  • Capacities1: 60GB, 120GB, 180GB, 240GB, 480GB
  • Controller: SandForce-SF2281
  • Sequential Reads 2 : SATA Rev. 3.0 525MB/s
  • Sequential Writes2: SATA Rev. 3.0 500MB/s
  • Maximum Random 4k Read/Write3:
    • 60GB: 84,000/ 64,000 IOPS
    • 120GB: 84,000/ 64,000 IOPS
    • 180GB: 84,000/ 64,000 IOPS
    • 240GB: 84,000/ 52,000 IOPS
    • 480GB: 73,000/ 32,000 IOPS
  • PCMARK® Vantage HDD Suite Score: 57,000
  • Power Consumption: 0.6 W (MAX) classle / 1.4 W (MAX) Read / 2.9 W (MAX) Write
  • Storage temperatures: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Operating temperatures: 0°C ~ 70°C
  • Dimensions: 69.8mm x 100.1mm x 7.0mm
  • Weight: 60GB, 120GB, 180GB, 240GB — 86.0g; 480GB: 92.3g
  • Vibration operating: 2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)
  • Vibration non-operating: 20G Peak (10–2000Hz)
  • Life expectancy: 1 million hours MTBF
  • Warranty/support: three-year warranty with free technical support
  • Total Bytes Written (TBW)5:
    • 60GB: 47TB
    • 120GB: 94TB
    • 180GB: 141TB
    • 240GB: 188TB
    • 480GB: 375TB
Kingston SSDNow KC300 Solclass-State Drives†
Part Number Capacity and Features
SKC300S37A/60G 60GB Stand-alone KC300 SSD
SKC300S37A/120G 120GB Stand-alone KC300 SSD
SKC300S37A/120G 240GB Stand-alone KC300 SSD
SKC300S37A/480G 480GB Stand-alone KC300 SSD
SKC300S3B7A/60G 60GB Bundle Upgrade Kit
SKC300S3B7A/120G 120GB Bundle Upgrade Kit
SKC300S3B7A/240G 240GB Bundle Upgrade Kit
SKC300S3B7A/480G 480GB Bundle Upgrade Kit

† Please check your favorite Kingston e-tailer or reseller for pricing.

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