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About HyperX


HyperX is the high-performance product division of Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. Started in 2002, HyperX began with one line of high-performance memory and has grown over the years to encompass multiple product lines of memory modules, solid-state drives, USB Flash drives, headsets and mouse pads. Featuring best-in-class components that have delivered superior performance, quality and aesthetic design for more than a decade, HyperX products are the choice of top-rated gamers, tech enthusiasts and overclockers worldwide. From setting memory world records to achieving the most stringent product certifications, HyperX is committed to delivering reliable products with the highest performance standards.

In addition, HyperX is the proud sponsor of over 20 gaming teams globally and the main sponsor of the Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack festivals. HyperX products are designed to meet the most rigorous demands of professional gamers to give them the winning edge and help gamers stay on top of their game.


DDR1: High-performance memory line from Kingston Technology introduced. Frequency: 370MHz, Capacities: 256MB, 512MB


HyperX DDR2 memory introduced. Frequencies: 533MHz–675MHz, Capacities: 256MB


HyperX DDR3 memory introduced. Frequencies: 1500MHz–1875MHz, Capacities: 1GB-2GB

  • DDR2: HyperX T1 memory introduced: Frequency: 1066MHz, Capacity: 4GB. High-profile heat spreader for maximum thermal performance

  • DDR2: HyperX SODIMM memory introduced. Frequency: 667MHz, Capacity: 2GB–4GB. First and fastest SO-DIMM ever demonstrated publicly: DDR3 2233MHz CL8 on an Asrock mini ITX board at Cebit 2011 in Germany.

  • First to release Lovo low voltage performance memory. DDR3: Frequencies: 1600–1866MHz, Capacity: 4GB, Voltage: 1.35V

  • HyperX blu product line introduced. Fastest DDR3 memory in 2010. Frequency: 2544MHz. Demonstrated at Computex 2010.

  • HyperX is the market leader with the first auto-overclocking product line HyperX PnP, DDR3: Frequency: 1600MHz, Capacities: 4GB–8GB

  • HyperX launches its first solid-state drive, featuring a high-speed controller from SandForce and Toshiba NAND Flash

  • HyperX Predator USB released as the world’s high capacity USB drive at one terabyte

  • HyperX Predator replaces T1 as the high-end memory line from HyperX with speeds up to 2666MHz. Fastest DDR3 XMP certified memory, 2800MHz

  • HyperX Beast introduced with highest capacities available to date, 64G

  • HyperX has shipped over 700 different products in its first ten years


HyperX launches the world’s first 1TB USB Flash drive

  • HyperX breaks DDR3 memory world record at Computex 2014 reaching 4620MHz

  • Co-developed with QPad, HyperX Cloud pro-gaming headset launches

  • HyperX FURY memory replaces blu product line

  • HyperX Savage introduced and replaces Genesis product line

  • HyperX launches its first mouse pad product line, Skyn

  • HyperX launches the FURY Pro-Gaming mouse pad

  • HyperX launches the Cloud II Pro-Gaming headset

  • HyperX introduces the Predator SSD, its first SSD using the PCIe interface, making it the highest-performing drive series

General Contact Information
Kingston Technology Company, Inc.

17600 Newhope Street
Fountain Valley, Ca. 92708 USA
Toll-Free +1 (877) KINGSTON
Ph: +1 (714) 435-2600
Fx: +1 (714) 435-2699


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