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Case Study

High-performance, reliable Kingston DRAM cuts costs, fuels growth for hosting company logo

"We rely on the performance and reliability of Kingston’s DRAM to support our business model. As a result, we’re leaner, more competitive and don’t suffer from failures that we would experience from using another brand.

Konstantin Bezruchenko

  • Just-in-time, high-volume DRAM fulfilment to data centres worldwide cuts costs and speeds server setup
  • DRAM reliability enables reallocation of troubleshooting/fixing time to be spent on provisioning and product development
  • The consistency of Kingston’s products/services supports rapid growth and high service levels
Business challenge

Business challenge is a global hosting company that supports small and medium-sized businesses. It offers data centre infrastructure as a service (IaaS) based on a scalable, hybrid (cloud and bare metal) environment. Its six data centres in the United States, Europe and Asia provide region- and latency-friendly hosting services. Since its founding in 2014, the company has experienced significant growth. That success is based on a cost-effective service offering, fast provisioning and a reliable infrastructure.
“One reason we consistently beat competitors on pricing is because we don’t maintain an army of specialists,”  says Konstantin Bezruchenko, CTO for “Our self-service portal enables zero-touch provisioning with no calls and a few clicks.”

Such automation is essential to’s success. Clients can order, configure and manage bare metal servers and cloud machines. This real-time service helps the company operate with a lean staff, contain costs and routinely deliver a 40-minute, bare-metal provisioning service level. These goals also guide Bezruchenko’s hardware choices. In practice, that means procuring high-performance, reliable server, memory and networking devices.

“We run a lean staff,” explains Bezruchenko. “So we leverage automation technologies and quality, optimized hardware to allow them to focus on our core business.”

These requirements motivated the busy CTO to find component providers that could meet his standards.  “I needed hardware partners who could consistently deliver reliable products in high volumes on short notice,” recalls Bezruchenko. “Both Dell and Kingston have met those standards.”
Technology solution offers e-commerce, gaming, finance, big data and developer solutions. These use cases drive the firm’s requirement for high-performance hardware.

“We use current-gen servers from Dell along with DRAM from Kingston,” says Konstantin. “They ensure we meet our customers’ IOPS and reliability requirements.”

Konstantin Bezruchenko
Kingston and Dell specialists ensure that the company receives server/DRAM units optimised for performance and interoperability. These ship in a base configuration (CPU, 64 gigabyte memory etc.). “We do this to reduce the touches servers need,” explains Bezruchenko. “That speeds provisioning and enables us to offer attractive pricing.”

Naturally, some servers need more memory–and fast. On those occasions, Kingston promptly delivers DRAM to data centre locations around the world.  “We just don’t see that above-and-beyond level of service from other vendors we’ve used,” recalls Bezruchenko.
Business results
The company’s partnership with Kingston has yielded a number of benefits.

Speedy provisioning of customer orders

Kingston representatives ensure prompt DRAM deliveries to meet the company’s service promises.

“We recently had an order for 1,000 servers,” recalls Bezruchenko. “The Kingston team quickly provided the additional memory we needed, and we were able to complete the order in a little over a day.”

Just-in-time DRAM fulfilment saves money and time

“Kingston’s ability to deliver large quantities of DRAM on short notice enables us to avoid unnecessary inventory costs while provisioning servers quickly,” says Bezruchenko. “This makes us very competitive in our crowded space.”

This business model also enables Bezruchenko to order base-configuration servers and avoid any duplication of effort resulting from swapping out memory when customers need additional DRAM. As a result,  “We’re able to reallocate those labor hours to product development and turning up new customers.”
A reliable, A-brand partner

Bezruchenko likes the fact that Kingston is an established and stable company.

“We can’t afford to work with volatile firms that could be gone next week. That would lead to business-killing delays in provisioning.”

“By consistently delivering DRAM that very rarely fails—in quantity and on time—Kingston has become a trusted partner,” explains Bezruchenko. “They’ve earned a reputation in the industry for these qualities and we use that in our marketing.”

A real-world solution

Prisma is a good example of the partnership between Kingston and The company provides servers to support the Prisma application, which converts user photos into stylised artworks, and naturally consumes significant CPU and DRAM resources.

“To date there have been 50 million installs for the iOS and Android platforms,” says Bezruchenko. “With the help of Kingston DRAM, we’ve delivered uninterrupted service to users and safeguarded our customer’s brand.”
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