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ValueRAM Memory | Server

ValueRAM Server Memory

Contrary to popular belief, all server memory is not created equal. A module's reliability depends largely on steps taken to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process. This is where ValueRAM® server memory is unique. Kingston® invests millions in the quality of its modules today in order to reduce your total cost of ownership tomorrow. The resulting performance, stability and long-term reliability are among the reasons Kingston ValueRAM has become a worldwide industry standard.

Kingston ValueRAM is validated on all the key server board manufacturer sites, including Intel, Supermicro, Tyan and more.

ValueRAM Server Premier

ValueRAM Server Premier modules are manufactured using a locked Bill of Materials (BOM), which is ideal for those who use or build white box systems and require a consistent brand and revision of DRAM. Server Premier memory offers full BOM control (down to the chip die revision) for those designing server memory into essential hardware for high availability systems. More

Intel Certified

Kingston has enjoyed a solid relationship with Intel since 1998. Kingston ValueRAM memory is tested to meet Intel's memory module specifications for compatibility with Intel chipsets. More

Intel Certified
Manufacturer Validation

Select your motherboard manufacturer to see which Kingston parts have been tested and qualified to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.


All Kingston ValueRAM server memory is backed by a lifetime warranty. Read the full warranty statement.


Kingston performs 100-percent testing on all memory products. Additionally, ValueRAM server memory undergoes Dynamic Burn-in Testing, which dramatically reduces early life failures. More

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  • 16 GB (1)
  • 4 GB (2)
General Info

HTS: 8473.30.1140

* Kits: warranty void and returns not accepted if sold or used separately.

ValueRAM Server Memory
Kingston’s competitively priced, industry-standard memory delivers award-winning performance and legendary Kingston® reliability. When you know what you want, you want Server Premier DRAM.

Showing 3 out of 3 Results.

16GB Module(s)
  • KVR24R17S8K4/16
    16GB Kit*(4x4GB) - DDR4 2400MHz
    Part Number: KVR24R17S8K4/16
    Specs: DDR4 , 2400MHz , ECC , CL17 , 1.2V , Registered , DIMM ,Spec Sheet PDF
    $ 210.00

4GB Module(s)
  • KVR24R17S8/4
    4GB Module - DDR4 2400MHz
    Part Number: KVR24R17S8/4
    Specs: DDR4 , 2400MHz , ECC , CL17 , 1.2V , Registered , DIMM ,Spec Sheet PDF
    $ 53.00

  • KVR24E17S8/4
    4GB Module - DDR4 2400MHz
    Part Number: KVR24E17S8/4
    Specs: DDR4 , 2400MHz , ECC , CL17 , 1.2V , Unbuffered , DIMM ,Spec Sheet PDF
    $ 52.00

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