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Server Memory Testing

Server Memory Testing

In addition to the full suite of tests Kingston Technology already performs on its memory, the company has developed Dynamic Burn-in Testing for server memory. It's a unique process designed to further screen out potentially defective modules before they are shipped.

Analysis of failures has shown that the overwhelming majority will occur during the first three months of operation. This is known as Early Life Failure (ELF). Kingston engineers designed KT2400 Burn-in Testers to simulate the early life period and dramatically reduce server memory failures, thereby reducing potential server downtime.

Kingston KT2400 testers
  • Use Advanced Pattern Testing Controller platforms.

  • Use high temperature and high voltage to simulate three months of heavy usage.

  • Can test 500 modules simultaneously.

  • Feature a proprietary, patent-pending design.

By implementing Dynamic Burn-in Testing, Kingston has reduced failures by 90 percent*. The results have exceeded the engineers' expectations and improved the reliability of our server memory, a product line that was already at the top of its class.

Learn more about Kingston testing. PDF

* Based on trial, 3/09/04

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