SV200S3 - Solid-State Drive SSDNow SV200S3 Firmware Update

Firmware Update

Part Numbers:

Part Numbers:
SV200S37A/64G, SV200S37A/64GBK, SV200S3B7A/64G, SV200S3D7/64G, SV200S3N7A/64G, SV200S37A/128G, SV200S37A/128GBK, SV200S3B7A/128G, SV200S3D7/128G, SV200S3N7A/128G


We have discovered a technical issue with our SSDNow SV200S3 drives related to intermittent sequential write slowdowns. This firmware update will restore your SSD’s sequential write speed and improve the random read and write performance.

-------- WARNING - This firmware update will delete all data on your SSD -------

We recommend that you back up your data prior to applying the firmware revision.

Please check your SSDNow for the following number: “E111008a” (see illustration for location).

If you have “E111008a” on your SSDNow and want to improve your drive performance, you should apply this firmware update.

If you DO NOT have “E111008a” on your SSDNow as shown in the illustration, then your drive is up-to-date and you DO NOT need this firmware.


Firmware Update (64GB and 128GB Drives)
Release notes PDF
Firmware Update Procedure PDF

Please note: Kingston is not responsible for damages or data loss arising from the download and/or installation of the SSD firmware.