Data Traveler Work Space - DTWS - Firmware Update
File Name File Size File Version
FW_KS15_Update.exe 312KB n/a

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- Increased compatibility.


Update Procedure:

1. Click on the ‘Download’ link below or ‘FW_KS15_Update.exe’ link above to begin the download.
2. If prompted for a ‘Save’ location, then navigate to the desktop for easy access.
3. Insert your DTWS USB drive to one of the USB ports directly on your system.
(Note: Do not plug the drive into a USB hub for the firmware update)
4. Launch the updater.
5. Click on ‘Start’ to begin the update process.
(Note: Do not disconnect the drive during the update process)


- The drive is required to be connected to a USB port directly on the motherboard and not through a hub
- DO NOT disconnect the drive during the update process.
- Backup the data before beginning the update process.