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Are drivers needed for KC1000 NVMe drive?
The drivers for this drive are available for Windows 8 and higher and Server 2012R2 and higher. They can be downloaded within the installation or are already built into the OS. We do not support using this drive with Windows 7 or below. It will work with newer Linux versions. Please verify if your distribution supports NVMe. These are not supported in any version of MacOS. FAQ: KSD-060117-NVME-01
Why does the performance of my NVMe drive decrease as the workload increases?
High-performance NVMe SSDs require adequate airflow for maximum bandwidth and performance. During heavy workloads or extensive benchmarking, the drive will heat up and the controller firmware may implement thermal throttling in order to maintain the proper operating temperature and ensure drive integrity. If performance degradation is observed within these circumstances, confirm that the SSD is receiving adequate cooling and/or increase the system’s fan speed to reduce drive temperatures. 

Note: Thermal throttling will engage when the temperature reaches 80°C FAQ: KSD-060117-NVME-02
Why are my benchmarking scores lower than expected for my NVMe drive?
Our NVMe SSDs rely on native Linux and Microsoft NVMe drivers. Microsoft’s native NVMe driver issues Forced Unit Access (FUA) IO writes and Flush commands to NVMe devices that have a volatile write cache. This, in effect, undermines the write caching on the target SSD by bypassing the DRAM cache often and writing directly to NAND. As a result of this behaviour, the NVMe SSD’s performance is reduced. To obtain maximum performance, you must disable write cache buffer flushing on the target drive within Windows. 

Steps to disable the write-cache buffer flush

1. Open Device Manager

2. Select Disk Drives and expand, then select target drive.

3. Right-click and select Properties

4. Select “Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device”

a. Note: By disabling write-cache buffer flushing on the device, you run the risk of losing data in transit and/or data corruption in the event of a power failure. Only disable this feature if you are aware of the risks associated with it.

Performance Comparison

FAQ: KSD-060117-KC1000-04

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