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When I attempt to access my DT4000G2DM secure USB drive, MacOS displays “Kingston” is not optimized for your Mac” or, after updating to MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) I get “Kingston” needs to be updated.” How do I resolve this?
To resolve, you will need to update your DT4000G2DM secure USB drive for MacOS Catalina. To update, click on the link below to download the
DT4000G2DM_Updater.exe and DT4000G2DM Updater Instructions. Note: Please read the updater instructions in its entirety prior to running the update.

For more information about the "App” not optimized or “App” needs update error message,
feel free to reference Apple’s support article.

MacOS: Must update on Windows based system. DT4000G2DM_Updater.exe not supported on MacOS.

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