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Ultra Low Voltage DDR3 (DDR3U)

In our recent blog post, we explained what DDR3L is — Low Voltage DDR3 that supports 1.35V and 1.5V operation. When configured at 1.35V, DDR3L memory can reduce server power consumption by 15% or more over equivalent 1.5V memory, especially on servers.

JEDEC, the memory industry's standards association, is working on finalizing the specifications for Ultra Low Voltage DDR3 — DDR3 memory that can also support 1.25V operation to further reduce memory power consumption by about 10% over DDR3L.

A JEDEC committee has approved most of the DDR3U specifications. A final DDR3U specification will be completed by JEDEC later this year.

In terms of when you may actually see DDR3U memory from Kingston, we will update you when systems supporting DDR3U are launched.

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Author: Richard Kanadjian - Kingston Technology

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