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Create a unique USB Flash drive!

Now you can add graphics or text to select Kingston® USB Flash drive models to create a unique drive. It’s easy and affordable — and much more memorable than standard Flash drives.

Personalized USB drives make great gifts or souvenirs to remember your team’s season, a family gathering or any special event. Load with photos and share your favorite memories with friends and family.

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Photographers and Videographers

Why bother with cloud services or DVDs when you can provide all your clients’ files on a personalized Flash drive? A USB Flash drive lets you give clients high-resolution photo and video files that look great — especially on the latest 4K TVs.

Small Businesses

Custom Flash drives are the perfect way to make a positive impression, whether you’re just getting your foot in the door or as a leave-behind after your presentation. Files sent in email can easily be lost or deleted, while delivering them on a custom drive helps you stand out from the crowd.


Teachers and schools can customize drives for their students to carry and access large files for such classes as engineering and digital media. No more lost homework; each student gets a custom USB drive for easy access to their work, whether they’re at home, in class or in a study group.

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