Supermicro - A+ Server 1022TC-TF

configurator results memory

  • 표준

    0 MB (Removable)

  • 최대

    64 GB non-ECC/ECC UDIMMs per motherboard

    128 GB non-ECC/ECC UDIMMs with 2 motherboards

    192 GB Reg ECC RDIMMs per motherboard

    384 GB Reg ECC RDIMMs with 2 motherboards

  • Slots for motherboards:

  • CPU 1:

  • CPU 2:

  • 버스 아키텍처

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A

    PCI Express

    SSD - SATA 3.5-inch

  • 12 Socket(s) per motherboard

    2 Slot(s) for motherboards

  • AMD Opteron 4100 Series AMD SR5670

    AMD Opteron 4300 Series AMD SR5670

    AMD Opteron 4200 Series AMD SR5670


중요 구성 노트

  • Kingston's modules automatically clock down memory speed and voltage depending on which processor is used and the number of modules installed.
  • Unbuffered non-ECC/ECC DIMMs can ONLY be installed in DIMM A and C sockets. Quad rank DIMMs can ONLY be installed in DIMM B sockets and all other DIMM sockets must be empty.
  • Kingston offers Unbuffered non-ECC UDIMM, Unbuffered ECC UDIMM, and Registered RDIMM memory modules. Modules of different memory types CANNOT be mixed within the same system.
  • Low Voltage RDIMMs are supported most of the Opteron processors. Please refer to motherboard and processor manuals for supported configurations.

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