Epson - Endeavor MR7200

configurator results memory

  • 표준

    4 GB (Removable)

    8 GB (Removable)

  • 최대

    32 GB

  • 2 GB
    2 GB
  • 버스 아키텍처


    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A

    PCI Express

    SSD - SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm

    Flash - SDXC

    SSD - SATA 3.5-inch

  • 4 Socket(s)

  • Intel Celeron Intel H87

    Intel Core i3 4th Gen Intel H87

    Intel Core i5 4th Gen Intel H87

    Intel Core i7 4th Gen Intel H87

    Intel Pentium Intel H87

중요 구성 노트

  • MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN PAIRS for Dual Channel mode. Please refer to the system manual for proper installation of DIMMs for Single Channel and Dual Channel configurations.
  • If 4GB is installed under 32-bit Windows OS, the recognized memory may be reduced to 3.5GB or less (depending on system configuration and memory allocation).

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