歐盟一般資料保護法規 (EU GDPR)
您的企業 GDPR 是否已準備就緒?查看資訊圖表以深入瞭解歐盟 GDPR。 更多內容
Linus 引進 DataTraveler 3.0
Linus 會破壞硬體加密,以確保您的檔案安全無虞,特別是當您不在辦公室時。確定您的可攜式儲存設備也安全,而且使用 Kingston Encrypted USB 隨身碟進行加密。 更多內容

在生產的每個階段,我們會對所有產品執行嚴格的測試。這些測試可確保整個製程期間的品質控制。 更多內容
Three signs you need more memory in your computer
If your files don’t open immediately and programs are slow to load, you get an error message or are unable to load several programs at once, your computer may need more memory. 更多內容
Full Speed Ahead: RAM Upgrades
Learn what to look for when shopping for RAM, or Random Access Memory, including how to determine what type of memory and what capacities your motherboard can support. 更多內容
Are SSDs the Right Choice for Your Storage?
Are hard disk drives (HDDs) sufficient? Or does it make sense to invest in solid-state drives (SSDs)? 更多內容
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