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Upgrading your SSD? Upgrade your computer’s security too with self-encrypted SSDs

Can you upgrade a computer’s storage and security at the same time?

More organisations are choosing to upgrade their laptop and PC fleet rather than replacing them to extend the lifespan of their IT estate. When upgrading for extra storage or better performance, it’s important to consider upgrading your system’s security as well.

Upgrading to SSDs with hardware-based encryption

Whether looking to move from HDD, or simply quenching the thirst for more capacity and better speeds, upgrading to an SSD with built-in encryption offers multiple benefits.

Benefits of hardware encrypted SSDs

Upgrading your organisation’s PC and laptop fleet to SSDs, whether to obtain better baseline performance from SATA or use NVMe to get peak performance efficiency, allows faster application start-up times. What’s more, compared to their HDD counterparts, they offer better reliability, cooler and quieter running all while consuming less power.

This is important for several reasons. Hardware encryption offers more robust security measures than software encryption alone since the encryption and authentication process stays within the SSD itself, rather than separating it from the rest of the system. This means that the encryption process is not taking valuable bandwidth away from the CPU, which gives you a further performance boost for your other applications with less time to encrypt and decrypt your data.

Comparing Software vs Hardware-Based Encryption

We tested one of our self-encrypted SSDs* to show you the difference, and as you can see below, the time it takes to encrypt/decrypt an SSD is far shorter when using a hardware-based encrypted SSD than when using software encryption alone.

Kingston KC2500 SSD software vs hardware encryption and decryption data test results

When this is compounded over an entire IT estate rollout, the time differences could be considerable.

Switch to SSDs with hardware-based encryption

SSDs play a vital role in offering a more cost-effective way of futureproofing your IT estate as well as offering performance benefits, allowing you to get more out of your organisation’s hardware. But using SSDs with hardware-based encryption allows you to amplify these benefits while also providing a further tool to enhance your security policy.


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