ASUS - RS Server RS704DA-E6/PS4

configurator results memory

  • มาตรฐาน

    0 MB (Removable)

  • สูงสุด


    256 GB Reg ECC RDIMM

  • CPU 1

  • CPU 2

  • สถาปัตยกรรมบัส

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A

    SSD - SATA 3.5-inch

  • 8 Socket(s) per CPU

    16 Socket(s) Total

  • AMD Opteron 6100 Series AMD SR5690


  • If 4GB is installed, the recognized memory may be reduced to 3.5GB or less (depending on system configuration and memory allocation). Maximum configurations require a 64-bit operating system.
  • This system supports either Registered ECC or Unbuffered ECC memory. Mixing Registered ECC and Unbuffered ECC modules is not supported within this system.
  • Modules must be ordered and installed in groups of FOUR for Quad Channel mode. Kingston offers "K4" kit part numbers for Quad Channel mode.
  • DDR3-1600 memory can only be supported with Opteron 6200 series or later processors.
  • 8GB single-rank and 16GB dual-rank modules and kits support requires Opteron 6200 series or later processors. Opteron 6100 series processors support 8GB dual-rank kits.