Huawei - Tecal BH640 V2 Blade Server

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  • สูงสุด

    128 GB ECC UDIMMs

    768 GB LRDIMMs

    768 GB Reg ECC RDIMMs

  • CPU 1:

  • CPU 2:

  • CPU 3:

  • CPU 4:

  • สถาปัตยกรรมบัส

    SSD - SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm

  • 12 Socket(s) per CPU

    24 Socket(s) using two CPUs

  • Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series Intel C600 Series


  • Modules must be ordered and installed in PAIRS for Dual Channel mode, or in groups of FOUR for Quad Channel mode. Kingston offers "K4" kit part numbers for Quad Channel mode.
  • Kingston's DDR3-1600 modules automatically clock down to 1333MHz, 1066MHz, and 800MHz depending on which Intel Xeon model is installed and how many module banks are populated. Please refer to the system manual for proper installation of DIMMs for Single, Dual, and Quad Channel configurations.
  • Mixing x4 and x8 modules is allowed, however not within the same bank.
  • This system supports either Registered ECC (RDIMM), ECC Unbuffered (ECC UDIMM) or Load Reduced (LRDIMM) memory. Mixing RDIMMs, ECC UDIMMs and LRDIMMs is not supported within this system.
  • Intel Xeon E5 Series processors support 1.5V DDR3 and 1.35V low-voltage DDR3L memory. If 1.5V and 1.35V DIMMs are mixed, all DIMMs run at 1.5V.