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Man using a mobile phone with Kingston memory inside

Whether you’re a student, a photographer, or just find yourself working away from a desk, Kingston has a solution for all your mobile storage needs, whether you’re using a laptop or the most current Android phones or iPhone. From the latest microSD storage options combined with A1 app support, to USB-C flash drives that plug right into your Android phones, keeping all your files with you has never been easier.

For those who need a bigger screen, USB ports, or a card reader while working on the go, our line of USB-C hubs connects to the latest MacBook, HP, Lenovo, and other USB-C enabled notebooks. With options for HDMI, USB-A, USB-C, flash card readers and more you’ll have all you need in a single adapter. Learn more about Nucleum

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  • A1 microSD for Android

    microSD cards with A1 classification are fast enough to be used on a mobile phone by apps in addition to media storage.

  • Nucleum USB-C Hub

    Use a mouse, monitor, and accessories you’ve grown to love with the Nucleum USB-C hub.

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