Improve performance

Improve Performance

If your system is lagging, or a program doesn’t respond or won’t load, you may have a memory shortage. You may see subtle signs, like poor performance in everyday tasks, or you may be receiving “out of memory” messages.

Add reliable Kingston memory and watch your productivity soar: pages will load faster and launching new applications will be easier and faster.

Build your own PC

Build your own PC

Thinking of building your own rig? It’s a great way to get exactly what you want in a system.

Before you start, consider your motherboard’s technology. Is it DDR3 or DDR4? How many DRAM slots are available on the motherboard? Do modules have to be installed in pairs, triplets or quads? At what speed do you want your memory to perform? Do you need DIMMs or SO-DIMMs?

By answering these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you need and which Kingston memory product will work best in your system. You can then search for your motherboard part number using the memory search tool above to find compatible memory.

Replacing or adding new memory

Laptop and PC manufacturers often include standard low-capacity memory modules to reduce cost, which means even new computers may need memory upgrades right out of the gate. Two options: Remove and replace these existing smaller capacity modules, or fill unoccupied memory slots.

In case your memory fails, rest assured that Kingston can deliver what you need to get back up and running with our lifetime warranty.

In some cases, memory modules of the same capacity must be installed in pairs to get the best performance from your system. Search for your system by name and model number with our memory finder, and we will provide detailed information on the best memory configuration to achieve the best performance for your system.

Cari berdasarkan Sistem/Perangkat

Cukup masukkan nomor pembuatan dan model, atau nomor komponen sistem dari sistem komputer atau perangkat digital untuk menemukan memori yang Anda butuhkan.

Cari berdasarkan Nomor Komponen Memori

Cari berdasarkan nomor komponen Kingston, nomor komponen distributor, atau nomor komponen setara produsen.

Types of memory

Industry Standard icon.

System Specific icon.

Extreme Performance icon.

Industry Standard

Competitively priced ValueRAM memory delivers award-winning performance. Designed and tested to meet JEDEC industry standards, ValueRam lets you purchase memory according to specifications.

Find memory by specification


Memory designed, manufactured, tested and guaranteed to work in your specific system. Makes it easy to select exactly what you need based on our OEM system brand and model.

Find memory by make or model.

Extreme Performance

Trust the brand used by more gamers and professionals. HyperX memory easily endures the most rigorous performance demands for gamers and creative professionals which include features like aggressive heat spreader styles, Plug N Play auto-overclocked memory, memory with XMP profiles and RGB memory.

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Why choose Kingston memory?

Tested components

Kingston is one of the few manufacturers that qualifies all components and tests modules at all stages of production. More


All Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty. More

Free Technical Support

Kingston experts are standing by to help you in the unlikely event that you have any problems with Kingston memory.

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