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DDR4 is the latest in synchronous DRAM for memory upgrades, offering faster speeds starting at 2133MHz while consuming less power and increasing capacity and reliability. More
Difference Between Memory and Storage in Computers
Learn the difference between memory, which allows you to access data stored for a short term, and storage, for long-term purposes, in computers. More
Three signs you need more memory in your computer
If your files don’t open immediately and programs are slow to load, you get an error message or are unable to load several programs at once, your computer may need more memory. More
Full Speed Ahead: RAM Upgrades
Learn what to look for when shopping for RAM, or Random Access Memory, including how to determine what type of memory and what capacities your motherboard can support. More
Are SSDs the Right Choice for Your Storage?
Are hard disk drives (HDDs) sufficient? Or does it make sense to invest in solid-state drives (SSDs)? More
DDR4 vs DDR3 with Linus Tech Tips
Linus breaks down the benefits of DDR4 memory. Increased speed, better reliability and power efficiency are just a few of the significant improvements. More
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