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DCP1000 CASE STUDY - Cheetah Raid Storage


This case study of Cheetah Raid Storage is based on survey of DCP1000.

“This drive exceeded my expectation but more importantly exceeded the customers’ exceptions 1000×. The cost of the drive was worth every penny!”

“We have worked with a lot of drive vendors and Kingston is by far a better company to work with. Try picking up the phone and getting support on the phone with other vendors. With Kingston one phone call answered all our questions. Kingston products are also priced competitively where the other vendor’s prices are hiked because of the other company name. Kingston is out-performing it’s competition in big ways. ”


The business challenges that led the company to evaluate and ultimately select DCP1000:

  • Faced the following challenges before considering DCP1000:
    • Pricing from their current provider
    • Availability from their current provider

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of DCP1000 that company uses:

  • Uses flash in the following ways at their datacenter:
    • As their primary online storage
    • As directly attached
    • Attached to their SAN
  • Using DCP1000 NVMe SSD in the following applications:
    • Their SQL database
    • Virtualized servers
    • Software defined storage
    • Video solutions, Military solutions


The surveyed company achieved the following results with DCP1000:

  • Deployed DCP1000 for the following reasons:
    • Improve application performance
    • Improve storage reliability
    • To meet market and customer performance expectations
    • Enhance a software defined storage solution
    • Replace spindle technology
  • Agreed that disk latency is extremely important to their application.
  • Decreased application latency by > 50% with DCP1000.
  • Impactful attribute of the DCP1000:
    • Write bandwidth
  • Improved application performance by greater than 50% since deploying DCP1000.

Company Profile

Cheetah Raid Storage
Source: Doug Emby, Vice President, Cheetah Raid Storage

Company Size:
Small Business

Computer Hardware

About DCP1000

Kingston’s DCP1000 NVMe Solid-State Drive delivers up to 1.25 million IOPs from a single device, with ultra-low transactional latency and high throughput, making it ideal for data centers requiring extreme performance.

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DCP1000 - Ultra-fast NVMe SSD

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