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This case study of HostDime is based on survey of Kingston DC400.

“Cost savings is the biggest, but most impressive is that the reliability we saw in testing was on par with enterprise grade drives that cost at least 25% more. This makes Kingston DC400 a very realistic option for us now, whereas previously the series that was produced by Kingston was not suitable. The DC400 finally gives us an SSD that that has the potential to be a fantastic long-term solution for us as we have been going back and forth between providers.”

“We already use Kingston RAM and have been impressed by the level of service and the value we are getting. We also preferred to have a more direct relationship with a manufacturer.”


The business challenges that led and ultimately to select Kingston DC400:

  • Product pricing
  • Provider availability
  • Non-delivery on performance expectations

Use Case

Deployed DC400 to:

  • Improve application performance
  • Improve storage reliability
  • Meet market and customer performance expectations
  • To manage the ongoing replacement of spindle technology


The surveyed company achieved the following results with Kingston DC400:

  • Agreed that disk latency is very important to their application.
  • Decreased application latency by up to 10% or more since deploying DC400.
  • Improved the performance of their application by 40 – 50% with DC400 when compared to their previous solution.
  • Most impactful DC400 attributes for their application:
    • Read bandwidth
    • Write bandwidth
    • The ability to read IOPs
    • The ability to write IOPs
    • Low latency
    • Latency consistency
    • Endurance

Company Profile

Source: Usman Arshad, IT Vice President, HostDime

Company Size:
Medium Enterprise

Computer Services

About Kingston DC400

Kingston’s DC400 SSD offers consistent application performance and low latency over a wide range of read/write workloads, and standard as well as user-adjustable over-provisioning to improve random IOPs performance, making it ideal for datacenters.

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