DDR1: High-performance memory line from Kingston Technology introduced. Frequency: 370MHz, Capacities: 256MB, 512MB


HyperX DDR2 memory introduced. Frequencies: 533MHz–675MHz, Capacities: 256MB


HyperX DDR3 memory introduced. Frequencies: 1500MHz–1875MHz, Capacities: 1GB-2GB

  • DDR2: HyperX T1 memory introduced: Frequency: 1066MHz, Capacity: 4GB. High-profile heat spreader for maximum thermal performance

  • DDR2: HyperX SODIMM memory introduced. Frequency: 667MHz, Capacity: 2GB–4GB. First and fastest SO-DIMM ever demonstrated publicly: DDR3 2233MHz CL8 on an Asrock mini ITX board at Cebit 2011 in Germany.

  • First to release Lovo low voltage performance memory. DDR3: Frequencies: 1600–1866MHz, Capacity: 4GB, Voltage: 1.35V

  • HyperX blu product line introduced. Fastest DDR3 memory in 2010. Frequency: 2544MHz. Demonstrated at Computex 2010.

  • HyperX is the market leader with the first auto-overclocking product line HyperX PnP, DDR3: Frequency: 1600MHz, Capacities: 4GB–8GB

  • HyperX launches its first solid-state drive, featuring a high-speed controller from SandForce and Toshiba NAND Flash

  • HyperX Predator USB released as the world’s high capacity USB drive at one terabyte

  • HyperX Predator replaces T1 as the high-end memory line from HyperX with speeds up to 2666MHz. Fastest DDR3 XMP certified memory, 2800MHz

  • HyperX Beast introduced with highest capacities available to date, 64G

  • HyperX has shipped over 700 different products in its first ten years


HyperX launches the world’s first 1TB USB Flash drive

  • HyperX breaks DDR3 memory world record at Computex 2014 reaching 4620MHz

  • Co-developed with QPad, HyperX Cloud pro-gaming headset launches

  • HyperX FURY memory replaces blu product line

  • HyperX Savage introduced and replaces Genesis product line

  • HyperX launches its first mouse pad product line, Skyn

  • HyperX launches FURY Pro-Gaming mouse pad

  • HyperX launches Cloud II Pro-Gaming headset

  • HyperX introduces Predator SSD, its first SSD using the PCIe interface, making it the highest-performing drive series