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Kingston Alliances

Over the years, Kingston has established and fostered integral relationships within the industry to spawn innovation and deliver the best possible quality in all Kingston products and services. Below are descriptions and testimonials from these alliances.


AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets with manufacturing
facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Asia. AMD, a Fortune 500 and Standard & Poor's 500 company, produces microprocessors,
Flash memory devices, and support circuitry for communications and networking applications.


Kingston is an Authorized Apple Developer. Kingston designs memory products for Apple® Xserve servers, Mac Pro workstations, iMac desktops, MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks and iPad and iPhone mobile devices per Apple specifications with access to Apple testing and compatibility labs.


Founded in 1989, ASUS is the #1 motherboard maker in the world as well as a major manufacturer of a broad line of products
including optical drives, notebooks, graphics cards, PDAs, networking hardware, servers, and barebone systems.
ASUS products are widely recognized as the benchmark for quality, reliability, and performance in the industry.


In its 26th year, ATTO Technology, Inc. is a global leader of storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments. ATTO provides a wide range of end-to-end solutions to help customers better store, manage and deliver their data. With a focus on markets that require higher performance, ATTO manufactures host adapters, RAID adapters, network adapters, RAID storage controllers, Thunderbolt-enabled Desklink Devices, bridges, switches and software. ATTO solutions are based on providing a high level of connectivity to all storage interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, 10GbE, FCoE and Thunderbolt. ATTO distributes its products worldwide through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators, VARs and authorized resellers.


DataLocker® is an innovative provider of encryption solutions, including central management for encrypted USB drives. IronKey™ EMS and SafeConsole® central management platforms allow administrators to track, manage and enforce acceptable use policy for IronKey and DataTraveler® secure USB drives. The solution is available worldwide and trusted to serve the versatile security needs of corporate and government customers.


ClevX, or clever eXtensions, is a Seattle-based technology company specializing in security/mobility platforms and IP development and licensing. Founded in 2005, ClevX pioneered and continues to lead the industry with its secure, portable USB storage platform (OS-agnostic, hardware-encrypted, bootable) and line of award-winning, client-licensed DATALOCK® Secured devices (e.g., FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified). ClevX strives to help clients scale innovation and differentiates by making good products great while keeping solutions simple, clever and elegant.


CMTL, or Computer Memory Test Labs, was established in 1996 to provide independent memory module and motherboard compatibility testing to the computer industry. CMTL performs over 1,800 different memory module compatibility tests annually for module manufacturers worldwide.


In 2003, Kingston received the Diverse Supplier Award for best overall performance from Dell based on Kingston's relationship
supporting Dell's base memory business. Kingston is also the featured memory hardware supplier on Dell's online superstore.
System users of many computer brands can shop online to purchase Kingston memory upgrades for desktops, notebooks, workstations
and servers.


DriveSavers Data Recovery, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, provides the fastest, most reliable and only certified secure data recovery service in the industry. As the only data recovery company to post proof of annual, company-wide SOC 2 Type II Audit Reports and its HIPAA data security compliance, DriveSavers services meet the security protocols for financial, government, corporate and healthcare industries. DriveSavers also adheres to US Government security protocols, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Data Security Rule (GLBA), the Data-At-Rest mandate (DAR) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Known for it's technologically advanced Certified ISO 5 (Class 100)cleanroom, the company is authorized to open storage devices by all major storage device manufacturers without voiding the warranty. DriveSavers engineers are trained and certified in all leading encryption and forensics technologies. DriveSavers provides secure, fast, and reliable data recovery from all Kingston Technology data storage devices including flash cards, USB drives, and solid state drives, and provides special discounts and benefits to Kingston Technology customers.


Founded in 1992, ESET is a global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers. The company pioneered and continues to lead the industry in proactive threat detection. ESET NOD32 Antivirus holds the world record for the number of Virus Bulletin "VB100” Awards, and has never missed a single “In-the-Wild” worm or virus since the inception of testing in 1998. ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Smart Security and ESET Cyber Security (solution for Mac) are trusted by millions of global users and are among the most recommended security solutions in the world.


Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology has built an unshakable reputation and solid foundation in the computer industry on the
reliability of its motherboards and add-on card products. In diversifying from this solid base, Gigabyte Technology has been
devoting substantial resources to expand into new product lines, such as desktop platform solutions, servers, broadband routers,
Gigabit switches, wireless LAN, and NAS appliances.


Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports the only 100-percent open source distribution of Apache Hadoop explicitly architected, built and tested for enterprise grade deployments.
Formed by the original architects, builders and operators of Hadoop, Hortonworks stewards the core and delivers the critical services required by the enterprise to reliably and effectively run Hadoop at scale.


Kingston and Intel® have developed a pioneering strategic alliance to help enable current and next-generation memory technologies.
Spanning from design, R&D, testing, manufacturing, sales and marketing as well as validation services, Kingston has worked closely
with Intel as memory needs evolve with emerging chipsets and processors. To support the introduction of new platforms, Intel includes
Kingston memory in many of their seed kits, which are distributed to key customers worldwide. In order to recognize Kingston's
efforts in enabling new products, Intel presented Kingston with an award for the "Outstanding Contributions to the Successful
Intel Pentium 4 Processor Ramp." Kingston memory has passed the tests required for qualification for use with Intel server,
workstation and desktop baseboard systems. "Our relationship with Kingston has always been positive and mutually beneficial.
Kingston's ability to provide large availability of RIMM modules is a testament to Kingston's continued innovation in manufacturing
and supply chain management, that is resulting in dramatic price and cycle time reductions for the industry."


Kingston and Microsoft® have been partnering on worldwide sales and marketing programs since 1996 when they launched the first
ever major co-marketing effort by a memory manufacturer and software company. The two companies formed a strategic alliance to
promote the complementary relationship between software and memory and have since partnered on several programs designed to educate
IT professionals on the positive impact additional memory has on software capabilities and overall system performance.


Micro-Star International Co., Ltd (MSI) enjoys a high reputation for its innovations in the construction of Motherboards,
Graphics Cards, Optical Storage Devices, Workstations, Servers, Slim PCs, Barebone Systems and IA Products. Since its founding in
1986, MSI has remained at the forefront in providing easy-to-implement, state-of-the-art products and robust computing solutions
for our customers. Our efforts are focused on quality, customer satisfaction and innovative solutions to meet growing market demands
for computing needs.


NVIDIA Corporation, located in Santa Clara, CA, is the global leader in advanced graphics and multimedia processing technology for
the consumer and professional computing markets. Kingston has also completed validation and compatibility testing on an array of
memory modules for NVIDIA's product platforms. "NVIDIA and Kingston have partnered to launch high performance platforms utilizing
the newest and fastest memory technologies. Kingston's reputation for high quality, its advanced memory technology programs, and
Kingston's leading global presence aligns perfectly with NVIDIA's goal to deliver an unbeatable computing experience."


Ontrack is a leading provider of data recovery services and software to individuals and corporations, operating in over 43 offices across 19 countries. Ontrack provides technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies and consumers solve complex data challenges. In addition to providing market leading data recovery for any type of storage media, Ontrack helps clients with email extraction, tape management and data destruction through proprietary technologies and expert services around the globe.


PernixData™ is fundamentally changing how storage is designed and operated in virtual data centers. The company’s flagship product, PernixData FVP, virtualizes server-side Flash to enable scale-out storage performance that is independent of capacity. No changes are required to VMs, servers or primary storage, ensuring maximum performance of all virtualized applications in a seamless, scalable and cost-effective manner.


Samsung® was the first major DRAM company to support Kingston and has continued to support Kingston on every generation of
DRAM since 1987. Over the years, Kingston and Samsung have worked together in very close cooperation on many projects in
sub-contract manufacturing and distribution logistics. Kingston has always played an integral role in enabling the early
acceptance of every generation of DRAM in the marketplace. Currently, Kingston is also assisting Samsung in its ecommerce
endeavors as an order fulfillment center.


In 2009, Kingston Technology and SPYRUS joined forces to offer USB Flash drives that have unparalleled levels of security.
SPYRUS is a company committed to providing high-assurance security technology for the U.S. Government, industries required to
comply with security regulations and everyday users who want the best protection for sensitive information. SPYRUS hardware and
software support is the strongest commercially available cryptographic algorithms, including all Suite B algorithms and legacy
algorithms such as RSA and triple-DES. Kingston products that are secured by SPYRUS offer users protected memory and security
components, anti-tamper mechanisms with built-in self-destruct mechanisms, password authenticated within epoxy module and more.


Founded in 1993, Supermicro Computer, Inc. emphasizes superior product design and quality control to produce highly reliable
mission-critical servers that maximize price/performance ratio for its customers. Always first to deliver, Supermicro's
high-end motherboards and servers consistently outperform the competition. Expansion into modular computing and enterprise
storage system development further solidifies Supermicro's server technology leadership.


Tyan Computer Corporation, founded in 1989 by long-time Intel and IBM executive, Dr. T. Symon Chang, designs, manufactures and
markets innovative server, workstation and desktop systems and platforms. Tyan system board products are sold to OEMs,
Systems Integrators, VARs and Resellers worldwide. Products from Tyan feature design enhancements specifically developed for
enterprise computer room and data center environments. These highly stable, space-efficient products are very attractive to
OEMs and System Integrators designing next generation rackmount server solutions for a wide array of applications.


VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. VMware delivers customer-proven solutions that
accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. VMware enables enterprises to
adopt a cloud model that addresses their unique business challenges. Kingston is an Elite-Level Partner in the VMware
Technology Alliance Program (TAP). The VMware TAP program helps technology vendors integrate their products with VMware
virtualization software and deliver timely, joint solutions to mutual customers.

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