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  • Capacities1 : 120GB–960GB

    Read2 : up to 500MB/s

    Write2 : up to 450MB/s

    Features : Affordable Performance

    Capacities1 : 120GB–960GB

    Read2 : up to 550MB/s

    Write2 : up to 500MB/s

    Features : Marvell controller

    Capacities1 : 120GB–1.92TB

    Read2 : up to 520MB/s

    Write2 : up to 500MB/s

    Features : Hardware Encryption and TCG Opal 2.0

    Capacities1 : 240GB–960GB

    Read2 : up to 1,500MB/s

    Write2 : up to 1,000MB/s

    Features : Entry-level PCIe NVMe™

    Capacities1 : 240GB–960GB

    Read2 : up to 2700MB/s

    Write2 : up to 1600MB/s

    Features : Native NVMe

  • 120GB–960GB
  • up to 500MB/s
    up to 550MB/s
    up to 520MB/s
    up to 1,500MB/s
    up to 2700MB/s
  • up to 450MB/s
    up to 500MB/s
    up to 500MB/s
    up to 1,000MB/s
    up to 1600MB/s
  • Affordable Performance
    Marvell controller
    Hardware Encryption and TCG Opal 2.0
    Entry-level PCIe NVMe™
    Native NVMe

SSDNow UV400

Kingston’s SSDNow UV400 is powered by a four-channel Marvell controller for incredible speeds and higher performance compared to a mechanical hard drive. It dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system and is 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive{{Footnote.N39214}}. Rugged and more reliable and durable than a hard drive, UV400 is built using Flash memory. For easy installation, UV400 is available in a bundle kit and in multiple capacities, from 120GB to 960GB{{Footnote.N37130}}.

  • 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive{{Footnote.N39214}}
  • More reliable and durable than a hard drive
  • Available as a bundle kit for easy installation
  • Multiple capacities to meet your needs

Form factor: 2.5"

SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0 (3Gb/s)

Capacities{{Footnote.N37130}}: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB

Controller: Marvell 88SS1074


Baseline Performance{{Footnote.N39214}}:
Data Transfer (ATTO):
120GB — up to 550MB/s Read and 350MB/s Write
240GB — up to 550MB/s Read and 490MB/s Write
480GB — up to 550MB/s Read and 500MB/s Write
960GB — up to 540MB/s Read and 500MB/s Write

Maximum Random 4k Read/Write (IOMETER):
120GB — up to 90,000 IOPS and 15,000 IOPS
240GB — up to 90,000 IOPS and 25,000 IOPS
480GB — up to 90,000 IOPS and 35,000 IOPS
960GB — up to 90,000 IOPS and 50,000 IOPS

Power Consumption:
0.672W Idle / 0.693W Avg / 0.59W (MAX) Read / 2.515W (MAX) Write

Storage temperature:

Operating temperature:

100.0mm x 69.9mm x 7.0mm

Weight: 57g

Vibration operating:
2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)

Vibration non-operating:
20G Peak (10–2000Hz)

Life expectancy: 1 million hours MTBF

Limited 3-year warranty with free technical support

Total Bytes Written (TBW){{Footnote.N37133}}:
120GB: 50TB
240GB: 100TB
480GB: 200TB
960GB: 400TB

Awards and Reviews
UV400 SSD Newegg

Nice, Light, slim ... well built

Installed in a Dell Optiplex 7010 Small Form Factor desktop which took only about 10 minutes. I spent more time arranging the SATA cable than I did physically mounting the SSD in the drive tray.

Super quick clone of my Windows 7 OS & files from the existing 2.5"" 500gb HDD to the Kingston UV400 using the FREE version of EaseUS Todo Backup only took about 25 minutes.

Reboot with some quick changes to the boot order of the Dell BIOS and the SSD did it's first launch of my machine .. WOW

Should've t done this sooner .. computer now has wicked FAST boot load times !

No "cons" with the drive. It was packaged well and protected.

Spent more time finding a SATA cable to fit inside the Dell than I did installing the drive.”

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Works great! “It is an awesome setup and waaaay better than adding a powered external drive, which would create clutter and noise. This is small and barely noticeable with the one Y wire going to the back of the wiiU that uses both ports for max power. Runs flawlessly.” Read Full Review
Great Little Drive “FAST! Went from RAID 0 with 2X SATA3 7200RPM to this little guy and it's so much faster!” Read Full Review
Great Buy!!! “The speeds were phenomenal 447 Read speed and 427 Write. I was blown away, compared to my Raptor HDD which I tested at 102 read and 90 write at 10000 RPM.” Read Full Review
If You're Still on a Standard HDD, Get an SSD “My reboot times and general loading times are SO MUCH FASTER now. If you're still on a standard HDD. Get yourself an SSD.” Read Full Review
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SSDs for Consumers
Hard drive replacement

Solid-state drives are the next evolution of PC storage and run faster, quieter and cooler than the aging technology inside hard drives. With no moving parts, SSDs are also more durable and more reliable than hard drives.

For desktops and notebooks

Kingston solid-state drives will make your system more responsive so it boots quicker, loads applications faster and shuts down faster. They’re available in upgrade kits that include software to clone your files and OS in minutes.

Revive older systems

Solid-state drives will not only increase performance but can also be used to breathe new life into older systems. Choosing an SSD can save you the cost of buying a new PC by reviving the system you already own.

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See how much faster your system boots up, loads applications and transfers data with an SSD.

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Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD)

Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD) calculations use the TBW specification of a drive to calculate the number of times the user capacity of a drive can be written per day over the warranty period (or a different number of years).
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