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Frequently Asked Questions
Part Specific FAQs

Windows To Go blocks access to the PCs local hard drive. This is done to prevent accidental data leakage between Windows To Go and the host system. This also prevents potential corruption on the host drives or data loss if the host operating system is in a hibernation state.

FAQ: KDT-092012-DTWS-02

Due to power requirements, it is recommended you do not use Windows To Go drives in USB hubs.

FAQ: KDT-092012-DTWS-03

In the event you unplug the drive while Windows To Go is running, Windows will freeze and you will have 60 seconds to plug the drive back into the computer. A warning message will appear and then you click OK to continue running your current session. After 60 seconds, the computer will shut down. You can reboot from the drive but your previous session will be lost. Make sure you do not try to plug the drive into another system after an improper removal of the drive. This can cause corruption to critical system files.

FAQ: KDT-092012-DTWS-04
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