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Choose number one, be the number one

From a small microSD card that records your everyday life stories, to the high-performance memory modules built into mass transportation system, Kingston is everywhere in your life.

Founded in 1987 in California U.S.A, Kingston being the world’s number one memory brand, is committed to offer worldwide users with excellent services and products including:

  • Flash memory card
  • USB drive
  • SSD – Solid State Drives
  • Memory Modules

To be number one, choose the number one brand, Kingston, to enable your future innovations.

Dare to be number one

As a professional content creator, to securely save his/her priceless creativity and process them more efficiently is the key to help them achieve the number one position. Top Youtubers share how they achieve their goal by choosing the no.1 memory brand, Kingston.

Champion selections

Want to create your own memorable “be the no.1” story? Learn more about Kingston’s product performance and reliability that can support your creativity.

Dramatically improves your system’s responsiveness with incredible boot, loading, and transfer times
DDR4 Memory
DDR4 Memory
Quality components. Rigorous testing. A lifetime warranty.
Canvas Select microSD
Canvas Select microSD
Expand storage on your smartphone instantly
Canvas React SD Cards
Canvas React SD Cards
Incredible speeds for amazing visuals
DataTraveler 106
DataTraveler 106
Elegant entry into USB 3.0 storage

Kingston Authorized Partner Program

Authorized Partner Purchase with peace of mind by buying genuine products from Kingston’s authorized partners. You’ll be guaranteed the brand’s legendary warranty, high-quality service, and enjoy seasonal offers exclusively at our authorized partner stores.

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