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World’s no.1 memory brand

Founded in California, U.S., Kingston is now distributed in more than 125 countries . With 31 years of expertise, Kingston is devoted to providing worldwide consumers with reliable products and services. Trust your precious memory with the number one memory brand– Kingston1.

Choose number one, be the number one

Top Youtubers chose Kingston to record their record-breaking challenges, watch how they accomplished the mission—”Choose number one, be the number one”.

  • Louis Pre Jr.
  • Arah Virtucio
  • Carlo Ople

Champion’s selection

Want to create your own memorable story? Learn more about the ultra product performance and reliability that can meet up with your creativity.


Dramatically improves your system’s responsiveness with incredible boot, loading, and transfer times

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Kingston Authorized Partners

Authorized PartnerBy purchasing from Kingston Authorized Partners, you are guaranteed to get authentic goods, high-quality service, and brand giveaway during seasonal promotions. Click here to view the full list of Kingston Authorized Partners.

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