Gigabyte - R120-T30 Server (MT30-GS0)

configurator results memory

  • tiêu chuẩn

    0 GB (Removable)

  • Tối đa

    256 GB with current Kingston memory

    1 TB with release of 128GB RDIMMs

  • Thông số Bus

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A

    PCI Express

    SSD - SATA 2.5-inch 9.5mm

  • 8 Socket(s)

  • Marvel ThunderX ARM

Lưu ý cấu hình quan trọng

  • Memory will clock down to run at optimal speeds depending on processor model and number of modules installed.
  • Kingston recommends installing K4 kits for optimal quad channel performance configurations.
  • Kingston offers Unbuffered ECC UDIMM and Registered RDIMM memory modules. Modules of different memory types CANNOT be mixed within the same system.

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