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Capacities1 30GB–480GB 120GB-480GB 30GB 240GB, 480GB
Read2 up to 550MB/s up to 550MB/s up to 550MB/s up to 1400MB/s
Write2 up to 520MB/s up to 520MB/s up to 100MB/s up to 1000MB/s
mSATA form factor M.2 Form Factor Low capacity Marvell 88SS9293 controller
  • SSDNow mS200 Drive

    Kingston’s SSDNow ms200 mSATA solid-state drive offers a cost-effective performance boost with dual-drive option that allows room for adding high-capacity storage. Ideal for system builders, OEMs and enthusiasts, ms200’s ruggedly cool, miniscule form factor is eight times smaller than a traditional 2.5-inch hard drive, making it perfect for notebooks, tablets and Ultrabooks. Available in capacities up to 480GB, ms200 has a caseless, PCB-only design with no moving parts and is backed by a three-year warranty (30GB model has a two-year warranty) free technical support and legendary Kingston® reliability.


    • mSATA interface — fully compliant with industry standard, easy to fit, guaranteed to work
    • NAND Flash memory based — shock resistant with low power consumption
    • Supports Intel’s SRT — combines capacity advantage of HDD with performance improvements of SSD in dual-storage configuration
    • Supports S.M.A.R.T. — monitors the status of your drive
    • Supports TRIM — maintains maximum performance on compatible operating systems
    • Guaranteed — three-year warranty (30GB model has a two-year warranty), free technical support
  • Awards and Reviews *
    • "It made a notebook computer that didn't seem all that old seem so much faster and more enjoyable."

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    • "The drive itself is desiged to take netbooks, ultrabooks (or whatever else they are called now), and tabl..."

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    List Price:  $46.00
    Price:  $32.50
    You Save:  $13.50 (29%)
  • SSDNow S200 Drive

    Kingston’s SSDNow S200 increases speeds and reliability in non-PC applications. This commercial-grade, low-capacity solid-state drive is available in cased and caseless form factors. Bootable and silent with no moving parts, it runs cool. It’s perfect for design-in for non-traditional PC applications such as toll booths, digital kiosks and signage and ATMs, as an alternative to compact Flash or hard drive-based solutions. SSDNow S200 is cost-efficient and available globally. It’s backed by a two-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston® reliability.


    • Low capacity — 30GB of storage for non-traditional applications
    • Case options — available in a case or caseless form factor
    • Faster — boots system and applications faster than a hard drive or compact Flash solutions
    • SATA interface — Easy to integrate into new or existing designs
    • Silent — runs silent and cool
    • Reliable — with no moving parts, solid-state drives are less likely to fail than standard hard drives
  • Awards and Reviews *
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    KG-S3330-1A (half-slim caseless) available as special order only.

    List Price:  $70.00
    Price:  $50.05
    You Save:  $19.95 (28%)
  • SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 Drive

    Kingston’s M.2 SATA G2 SSD is a compact, caseless internal solid-state drive that combines high capacity with low power consumption. Lighter weight than a cased SSD, the M.2 SATA G2 SSD optimizes performance with advanced garbage collection, wear-leveling, TRIM support5 and DevSleep. Suitable for Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs, the M.2 2280 SATA G2 SSD easily integrates into designs with M.2 connectors. The complimentary Kingston SSD Manager (KSM) monitors warranty status and SSD health.


    • Space-saving caseless design fits ultra-thin computing applications
    • Multi-purpose SFF connector replaces small mSATA and mini-PCIe slots
    • Capacities up to 480GB1
    • M.2 Gen 2 SSDs are backed by a limited five-year warranty6
  • Awards and Reviews *
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    List Price:  $84.00
    Price:  $59.80
    You Save:  $24.20 (28%)
  • HyperX Predator PCIe SSD

    HyperX® Predator SSD offers large capacities and incredible speeds with both compressible and incompressible data to take your system to the edge. Faster than SATA-based SSDs, it delivers speeds up to 1400MB/s read and 1000MB/s write for ultra-responsive multitasking and an overall faster system. It features a PCIe Gen 2.0 x4 interface for high performance and an M.2 form factor to fit the next generation of desktops with an M.2 PCIe slot. HyperX Predator SSD comes with a three-year warranty and free technical support to keep you winning.


    • Powered by Marvell controller
    • PCIe Gen 2.0 x4 interface in M.2 form factor
    • Optional Half-Height, Half-Length adapter
    • Speeds up to 1400MB/s read and 1000MB/s write
    • Guaranteed — three-year warranty
  • Awards and Reviews *
    • "With that said, the on-board OROM makes the drive flexible enough to use with just about every motherboar..."

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    With Installation Kit
    List Price:  $310.00
    Price:  $221.00
    You Save:  $89.00 (28%)

SSDs for System Builders

Small Form Factor PCs and Appliances

Kingston offers a full line of SSDs in a variety of form factors and capacities to meet the small footprint needs of SFF PCs and computer appliances.

Small Form Factor PCs (SFF PCs) are becoming increasingly popular and finding their way into a variety of applications such as home theatre systems, digital signage, desktop computing — and anywhere space is limited. SFF PCs are designed to put as many I/O devices on the motherboard as possible in order to save space typically consumed by bulky peripheral bays. SSDs are used in SFF PCs and appliances to increase system performance and improve system reliability over traditional mechanical hard drives.

Embedded Systems (Purpose-Built)

Kingston offers SSDs for small form factor embedded devices in a variety of capacities and models, including caseless PCB form factors such as Slim SATA and mSATA.

Embedded System designs are more compact and more powerful than ever and often located in remote, hard-to-service locations. Reliability and endurance are key design considerations. By using nonvolatile Flash storage as an alternative to spinning magnetic storage, Kingston solid-state drives help ensure that system data is reliable and continuously available all the time.

Specialty Integrators

Kingston offers a wide range of solid-state drives to meet the needs of data centers and other targeted industries. Included are SSDs with features and performance characteristics designed for high-end server applications, virtualization, virtual desktop computing and for mobile platforms such as notebooks, Ultrabooks and Thin Clients.

Technical Briefs and Videos

What is SMART?

Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology can help you analyze your data
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TBW and how to calculate

How to measure endurance in Total Bytes Written in SSDs
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WAF and how to calculate

How to measure Write Amplification Factor in SSDs
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What is RAISE?

RAISE provides advanced error correction for SSDs
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Learn how overprovisioning can provide increased performance and extend the life of an SSD
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Garbage Collection, TRIM and SSD performance

See how these factors affect solid-state drive performance
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What is DuraWrite?

Available in Kingston Enterprise SSDs, DuraWrite™ helps extend the life of an SSD
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