HP/Compaq - 15 Series Notebook 15s-eq2xxx Series

configurator results memory

  • Standard

    4 GB (Removable)

    8 GB (Removable)

  • Massimo

    32 GB

  • 4GB Standard:

    4 GB
  • 8GB Standard:

    4 GB
    4 GB
  • or

    8 GB
  • Architettura bus

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A

    Flash - SDXC

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-C

    SSD M.2 NVME 2280 (single-sided)

  • 2 Socket(s)

  • AMD Ryzen 3 5300U

    AMD Ryzen 5 5500U

    AMD Ryzen 7 5700U

3E2R3PA; 3E3A7PA; 3F0Z9PA; 3F1A0PA; 3F1A1PA; 3F1A2PA; 3G4T7PA; 3G4T8PA; 3G4T9PA; 3G4W8PA; 3N8K6PA; 3N8K8PA; 3N8K9PA; 3N8L2PA; 3N8L3PA; 3N8L4PA; 3N8L5PA; 3N8L9PA; 3N8M0PA; 3N8M1PA; 3N8M2PA; 3N8M3PA; 3N8M4PA; 3N8M5PA; 3N8M6PA; 3N8M7PA; 3N8M8PA; 3N8M9PA; 3N8N0PA; 3N8N1PA; 3N8N2PA; 3N8N3PA; 3N8N4PA; 3N8N5PA; 3N9D0PA; 3T422PA; 3T423PA; 3T424PA; 3T425PA; 3T426PA; 3T427PA; 3T428PA; 3T429PA; 3T430PA; 3T431PA; 3V0N3PA; 3V0N4PA; 3V0N5PA; 3V6P9PA; 3V6P9PAR; 3V6Q0PA; 3V6Q0PAR; 3Y037PA; 3Y038PA; 3Z8A0PA; 432X0PA; 460H0PA; 460H1PA; 460H2PA; 461J6PA; 461J7PA; 467R2PA; 467R3PA; 467R5PA; 467R6PA; 468W1PA; 468W2PA; 468W3PA; 468X9PA; 46Q48PA; 46Q49PA; 46Q50PA; 46Q51PA; 46Q52PA; 46Q53PA; 46Q54PA; 46Q55PA; 46Q56PA; 46Q57PA; 46R43PA; 46S00PA; 48H67PA; 48H68PA; 48H69PA; 48H70PA; 48H71PA; 48H72PA; 48H73PA; 48H74PA; 48K31PA; 48K32PA; 48K33PA; 48K34PA; 48K35PA; 48K36PA; 48K37PA; 48K38PA; 48K39PA; 48K40PA; 48K41PA; 48K42PA; 48K43PA; 48K44PA; 48K45PA; 48K46PA; 48K47PA; 48K48PA; 4A8X9PA; 4A8Y0PA; 4A8Y1PA; 4A8Y2PA; 4A8Y3PA; 4A8Y4PA; 4A8Y5PA; 4A8Y6PA; 4A8Y7PA; 4A8Y8PA; 4A8Y9PA; 4A8Z0PA; 4D8B4PA; 4D8B5PA; 4D8B6PA; 4J7G2PA; 4W2C2PA; 4W2C3PA; 4Z205PA; 4Z206PA; 508Z9PA; 509A0PA; 50M62PA; 50M62PAR; 50M63PA; 50M64PA; 50R83PA; 536C0PA; 577Z4PA; 577Z5PA; 58J41PA; 58Z00PA; 58Z01PA; 5B145PA; 5B146PA; 5B147PA; 5B148PA; 5B355PA; 5R5E7PA; 5R9V9PA; 5R9W0PA; 5R9W1PA; 64X88PA; 64X89PA; 64X90PA; 681P6PA; 68H17PA; 68H18PA; 6L780PA; 6X0M2PA; 6X0W9PA; 6X9J1PA

Note importanti sulla configurazione

  • Faster memory will clock down to run at optimal speed depending on processor model installed.

Upgrade compatibili per i vostri sistemi