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High-Performance Computing Solution Overview

The Highest Performing Storage for the Most Demanding Needs

High-performance computing (HPC) provides vast amounts of processing power to areas like engineering, research and think-tank applications. Keeping up with these computing demands requires high performance storage. With sustained read capabilities of over 85,000 IOPS1 and the ability to serve over 550MB/second, per drive, arrays built on Kingston datacenter SSDs can provide ample performance to keep up with even the largest demands.

No Waiting for Storage

Kingston datacenter SSDs

Kingston datacenter SSDs provide sub-400-microsecond latency on read operations, which means practically no waiting for the storage platform to feed information to HPC clusters. The faster the information meets computational tasking, the higher the performance of your HPC environment. Coupled with the high-throughput capabilities of data center SSDs, your HPC platform will perform at top efficiency.

Real Savings in Power and Cooling

High-performance computing (HPC)

HPC platforms can require massive amounts of data stored on large arrays. When storage is measured by the petabyte, keeping those arrays online and operating efficiently requires a large amount of power. Green initiatives are pushing organizations to explore new ways to cut environmental impact. Storage arrays built using Kingston datacenter SSDs consume a fraction of the power of their spinning disk counterparts, often on the order of 80% less over 15K SAS hard drive arrays. Less power means lower operating costs, potentially saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month, depending on the size of your arrays.

  • HPC and big data solutions that need maximum optimal application performance use solid-state solutions
  • SSDs provide better performance than traditional spinning disk performance and low-latency for demanding workloads like high-performance computing
  • Up to 80% power reduction over spinning-disk arrays means significantly less power and cooling requirements
  • High-performance computing demands the responsiveness and speed of Kingston datacenter SSDs
  • Kingston datacenter SSDs are available in a variety of performance and capacity models to serve your HPC and big data needs
  • Built-in advanced error correction and firmware-based power loss protection ensure sensitive HPC data is protected
  • Kingston datacenter SSDs are designed to support large-scale I/O-intensive compute and performance-sensitive applications common in HPC and big data solutions
  • Kingston’s legendary support provides the confidence required in globalized HPC platforms